Edgar Allan Poe

The story of his life

Poe's young life

Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston,Massachusetts on January 19,1809. His parents died when he was 3 so he was raised by John and Frances in Richmond,Virginia.Poe went to the University of Virginia but didn't receive enough funds to continue. He returned to the Allan's and his fiancee got engaged to someone else. He moved back to Boston and joined the US Army in 1827. But without any funds being sent we was dismissed.

Career start

In 1821 he went to New York City where he had some of his poetry published. He submitted several stories to a number of magazines,but they were all rejected. In 1835 he got a job as an editor at a newspaper company,and the next year he married his 13 year old cousin, Virginia.In 1836 he moved Philadelphia where he wrote "Ligeia" and "The haunted Palace" In 1844 he moved back to New York and became a editor at The Broadway Journal,but a year later the journal ran out of money and he was out of job away. Virginia died in 1847 and Poe fell into depression.

Final days

Poe was in a state of depression,had poor health,and was struggling financially.He left Richmond,Virginia on September 27th,1849 and was supposedly on his way to Philadelphia. On October 3rd he would found in great distress in Baltimore,Maryland. No one ones why he was in Baltimore at the moment. He was taken to Washington College hospital. He died on October 7th and his last words were "Lord,help my poor soul!" At the time it was said that he died of "Congestion of the brain" but the cause of his death is still uncertain. Some say his alcoholism was the cause some other theory's were rabies,epilepsy, and carbon monoxide poisoning.


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