You're Invited... join a Professional Learning Network!

Your name came up!

Your were referred as a potential candidate for an ongoing LISD Professional Learning Network addressing Balanced Literacy. This group of teachers will meet together for two hours, once per month to answer the following question:

How can I best share with others as I develop proficiency in balanced literacy?

What does this entail?

Monthly Meetings

Professional Reading About Balanced Literacy

Classroom Trial and Error

Video Making-To Be Shared with LISD Colleagues.

Opening Your Classroom for Walk-Throughs

Have the Option to Participate in Training in the Summer

When will we meet?

On the following Mondays from 2-4:

Nov. 4; Dec 2; Jan 6; Feb 10; Mar 3; April 7; May 5

What is this all about?

As a way to help teachers increase their knowledge base about Balanced Literacy, we are looking for classroom teachers who are willing to do some independent study about the aspects of Balanced Literacy, use their study to inform their professional practice, and share out what they have learned, either through video or through allowing others to see their practice via classroom walk throughs.

Strategic Design Coaches are facilitating this group, with the hope that we will answer our driving question, and create a video database that other teachers can refer to as they provide balanced literacy in their classroom. We are approaching this question using the Project Based Learning Model, so as a group, we will determine how we will approach our study and how we will share out.

Want to join?

If you want to join or if you have questions, please email Kim Bain (