Summer of South Dakota

Family Road Trip

Earth Science in South Dakota

I experienced Earth science on my trip. I went to so many scenic places like Custer state park, which was full of trees, grass and buffalo. I also went to the Badlands where we climbed to the top of a rock tower, and had to sprint back down before it started to pour on us. We also went hiking right near Mount Rushmore, which was beautiful with rock and trees and grass.

The Journey

The journey to South Dakota took 24 hours total. 14 hours to our grandparents house, and 10 hours back. We sat in a sticky car for a day and all of us were carsick. After ten hours we were into our hotel where we all ate tacos fro the hotel. We all had fourths. We hiked a little bit and went on a buffalo jeep tour, where you drive on no road into herds of buffalo. Then we drove to our grandparents house where we relaxed and had fun with our grandparents. We went home after two weeks of South Dakota, and as we were driving back we saw fireworks that people were setting up. We got back at 2:30 am and fell asleep in a non-hotel, fresh and clean bed. This was the best part because it was fun. Although it sounds horrible, there wasn't a minute where we weren't laughing, smiling or having fun.

All About Me

I have a family of six, and a dog and frog. (The frog is 7 and the dog, 4). I consider myself a very crafty person, living in a crafty family. We have regular ultimate frisbee outings and bocce and card tournaments. We have two "teams" in my family. Mine consists of my mom, Spencer and I, and Paige's is my dad, Jillian and Paige. Whenever we have something competitive to do, these are the teams that break up. We have family mainly in Minneapolis, but still more in Arizona and South Dakota. That is mostly me!