Help! I need a website!

Using Weebly to build your website

Easy & Awesome Websites in less time!

Does your classroom website lack information, pizzaz, or to doesn’t even exist? Using Weebly, a free website builder, you will be able to create the beginnings of a wonderful website everyone will be talking about. Come ready to start your website and be on your way to maintaining and updating it.

Keep your blog, website, and files for your students all in once place!

What is Weebly?

Watch this short video introducing the tool we will be using to create your website today.
Basic beginner's guide to Weebly

Our Objectives for the Hands-On Workshop

  1. Create a Weebly log in. (In case you have already created a log in on (commercial side) you can use these instructions to convert your website to a account.)
  2. Learn to navigate the easy to use tools in Weebly.
  3. Start creating your website (and learn how to organize a website).
  4. Publish your website.
  5. Share your website! (Ready for the new school year!)

Seriously easy. Seriously awesome. Seriously you just made a classroom website!

Just in case you need to review all the tools available for your website, here is a handy "Build a Website in 15 minutes" tutorial I found. It's so easy the 15 minute tutorial is less than 14 minutes long!
How To Create Your Own Website Using Weebly 2016

Website Best Practices

1. Be careful using student names, photos, work samples without consulting your district's polices regarding student privacy.

2. Simplistic design. Easy to read background, text, and keep scrolling at a minimum.

3. Make sections clear and divided. Use the dividers built in to separate sections for easy organization.

4. Use photos, but think good design principles -- large pictures (so they aren't pixelated) and think colors. (Check copyright also!)

5. Navigation/Organization: Lots of sub pages means hovering on multi-level menus to finally "dig" down to where you need to be. The more simple the better for navigation sake.

6. Convey your information well. Identify yourself, purpose, what information you provide, things you would want from a good classroom website.

Changing Fonts/Design

Go to the Design tab at the top navigation in the Weebly Editor to change the fonts and colors for the titles, paragraphs.

When adding a Map Element

Here are tips from participants to get the correct location pinpointed on the map:

  • Street Address Zip Code
  • Street Address, City, State

Want to explore some websites created by teachers on Weebly?

Google Slides/Tutorial

These are the Google Slides that were used during the Hands on Workshop. They can be easily used for a refresher or a tutorial to teach others to build an easy website with Weebly.

Embedding Your Website

If you school/system has a School In Sites CMS:

Use this code to embed your webpage. Make sure you replace the web address behind the src= tag to point to your web address.

<p><iframe height="800" scrolling="yes" src="" width="1000"></iframe></p>

You can use the above html code to embed your website on other Content Management Systems.

Another tool I have found for use within my Weebly Page is It is a tool that will create the embed code you need to place websites within your website. (Sounds complicated but works well if you don't want people to leave your site or work with a tool/site within your website.)

About the presenter

Cristin M. Dillard is the Library Media Specialist at Fort Rucker Primary School with DoDEA in Fort Rucker, Alabama.