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hello! I’m Meso Mesopotamia! Last week, I interviewed a Mesopotamian citizen from the early ages! This is mine and Nabi’s conversation last week:

Meso: Hello! Now, I know you live in Mesopotamia, but I want to talk to you a different topic;war. Tell me, how was that like when it was happening around your time?

Nabi: Well, war wasn’t always the greatest thing. But what we were fighting for was. We fought to keep farmland and water rights. Other places wanted the land for themselves, but Mesopotamia fought for ourselves. We each had our soilders that were small permanted. The unfair thing was that mobile troops were deployed with slings and bows and arrows.

Meso: but sooner or later you all agreed with everything right? Nothing else?

Nabi: well that is where you are wrong,Meso. We disagreed multiple times about water works and

farmland. As much as we wanted, we couldn’t stop the arguements, but of course, war began multiple times.

Meso: And how about you tell be about Sargon the conqur? I’ve heard pretty intresting things about him!

Nabi: well not really when you put it that way. Sargon wasn’t that bad of a person actually. Sargon marched his army through the region of Sumer, which he then conquered through the city states, one by one,uniting all of them under his authority. He was the first Sumerian king to do this, and he was also the last Sumerian king before the rise of Akkad. Sargon’s life after that was never known.

Meso: And last for the day, is what type of religion were in Mesopotamia? Was there only one type or were there many different types?

Nabi: there were the many different types of religions, but the main religion was the christians. Christianity was a very large group. They were a group of people that only believed in one god. I indeed am i Christian myself.

Meso: Well, thank you for giving me information about Mesopotamia! It’s been a good interview!

Nabi: Thank you for Having me today, it was such an honor!

Babylon weather!-by Jamie Snowflake

Babylon weather- by Jamie snowflake

Hello, I’m Jamie Snowflake, and today the weather is very, very warm. Actually, it’s about 86 degrees out. But looking at the sky, it looks like the weather will drop to at least 45 degrees and there’s a 50% that there will be a thunder storm that will more than likely cause flooding. So any body that has crops, keep an eye out for any dark clouds!

The Wheeled cart

Fellow Mesopotamia citizens. Have you ever gotten tired of carrying around crops, dirt, and construction materials? Then you need a wheeled cart! The wheeled cart is great for those hard work days! Invented by the Farmer Sumerians, the Wheeled Cart is a wheel attached to a board that they soon round off. And to make the wheels last longer, we cover the rims with pieces of copper!So come on down to “Mesopotamia Works” and get your wheeled cart today, and do your arms no harm!
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