JCMS Team 2 Newsletter

Week of January 28, 2019

What's going on in class?


Team 2 Scientists are moving on from Weathering to Mass Movement this week. We are a little behind our original pace due to Mother Nature's recent Wednesday Weather, but we managed to get our test in on Tuesday. There will be an opportunity for test corrections next week.

Thursday in class we completed a lab to explore the difference friction (sandpaper) has on materials on a slope (marble/block of wood) as we simulated how landslides might be different if there was or was not vegetation, and Friday we started a STEM challenge, which we will complete next week.

Social Studies

1/31 No homework

2/1 Greece quiz- ask your students how they did.

I updated the gradebook Thursday so anything that is missing will be marked as so. Over the weekend please have your students check for missing work and have ready to be turned in on Monday. The end of the six weeks is quickly approaching.

Next week we will be going over Peloponnesian Wars and Greek Government.

What parents need to know...

Remind Text Messages

Remind text messages will no longer be sent after January 28th due to Verizon billing issues. Please refer to this live link at any time to see what is going on in class, daily homework assignments, and upcoming events.

Language Arts

This week students have been working on a variety of things!

The community service projects are up and running! One class will be having a bake sale at the Sweetheart Sale on Saturday so stop by and get some goodies! Other classes are promoting positive and motivating things at school and overseas to our troops. They are all doing fantastic work! Please ask your child about that they have been doing for the project.

Students have also had the opportunity to work with their peers this week in creating their own unique Hero's Journey stories. Next week we will continue these stories and start adding dialogue. Some of these stories are very creative!

Lastly, we have been reading Black Ships Before Troy and answering questions that are relevant to the book and our own lives. Although it is a very though read the students are starting to get caught up in the drama of the story and love it!


This week in Math we have started our 4th module. This begins with order of operations and an introduction in to the very basics of algebra. This will be an interesting topic as some students are super excited about this. Th gradebook will be updated by Monday so please check this!

Expectations Power Point

Expectations have been reviewed with all Team 2 members in all classes. Please review these expectations with your students.

Upcoming events

2/2- Pancake Breakfast & Sweetheart Sale

2/13- Library Day

2/16- No School, Professional Development

2/27- Library Day

3/8- No School

3/11 - 3/15- Spring Break

Homework - Quiz - Test

Language Arts-

Monday 2/4- Type Hero's Journey story.


Module 4 vocabulary and Order of Operations worksheet

Upcoming Quiz next week.


Please double check skyward to make sure that you have no missing assignments.

Social Studies

2/5 -make sure your students finish and turn in Life After the Peloponnesian War


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