Drugs #101

Think before you act.

Where it begins

Right when you start school you hear, " Do not smoke, do not drink alcohol." Then you think to yourself, " I would never do that!" But, as soon as you get the chance, that feeling, you decide to try. You and people in general should stay away from drugs because of, the health risks involved, the ramifacations of using drugs, and the possibility that your life could quickly turn to death.

The Consequences

Initially, when most people do drugs, they think that they are in "paradise" and nothing can ruin that very moment. They think that it is  doing them good, when they really need to be thinking about how much trouble they could get themselves into. If you get caught drinking underage, you will be charged with a fine and possibe jail time. Illegal drugs-- such as marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine -- inflict serious damage upon America and its citizens every year. Accidents, crime, domestic voiolence, illness, lost opportunity, and reduced productivity are the direct consequences of substace abuse. Drug and alcohlol use by children is often assositated with other forms of unhealthy, unproductive behavior such as, depression, suicide, and criminal behavior.

The Health Risks

Additionally, Illegal drugs are, "pysoactive." Which means that they change your personality, attitude, and that can endanger your life or even someone elses. The most powerul drugs are, cocaine,methamphetamine and heroine. The types of drugs can actually change your state of mind. Some studies show that smoking can make pain feel more worse. For example, if you had a head ache, and you smoke it will cause your head to feel worse. Globally around 2.5 million people die each year from smoking and it has been estimated that around the year 2020 the number of deaths caused by smoking will hit the 10 million mark.


Finally, considering that this is the most serious consequence of using drugs, I highly reccomend that you listen. When kids see their parents, friends, or reletives doing drugs, they become curious to try and want to do same. As young kids continue to experience drugs their lives slowly begin to shorten. And there is a higher possibility that your life will end at a young age. When you hear, "Do not smoke cigarettes!" you think to yourself, I would never, even around my friends. But, when you you get the offer to smoke a cigerette, everything in your mind changes. Think before you act. "Doing most drugs kills at leat 400,000, people every single year, out of that 400,000 at least 1,400 are all teens. " (page 49) Do not make yourself one of those 400,000 people.


It does not matter what kind of drug it is, or how you use it, they are all dangerous and should not be taken in the wrong way. As you can see, doing drugs can get a person a leagal trouble, can cause health risks and even potentially kill a person.