Rhodes Report

What's Going on in the PEN Room

A Great Start to the Year

We are off to an excellent start in the PEN room! I have seen so much growth in your children since the start of the school year. We have been working hard to shift toward a growth mindset by being more flexible and open-minded. We are also working to "get gritty" by digging into tough topics, and not giving up when things get difficult.

You and your children have much to be proud of! Thank you for sharing your children with me. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!!

Super Sleuths - Gayman Primary

The curiosity and excitement in this group makes learning with them so much fun! We are in the middle of our Detective Science unit. You can see the kids getting sworn in as Junior FBI agents above. Once the kids were sworn in, they were able to work to solve some "mysteries" that came across my desk. We have worked on identifying finger prints and lip prints, "cracking" codes, distinguishing between acids, neutrals and bases, and analyzing cloth samples.

Ask your child:

To explain how scientists test liquids to find out if they are an acid, a base or a neutral.

All of these skills will help us solve the mystery: "Who Borrowed Mr. Bear" on January 14th at Titus Elementary.

Mr. Bear Day

Tuesday, Jan. 14th, 9:30am

Titus Elementary School, Warrington, PA

Warrington, PA

Amazing Ancient Explorers - Butler Third

The love of learning in the group continues to amaze me! We started off the year with a study of cultural universals in third grade. We are now doing an in depth study of the Ancient Mayans. We are working toward independent research of an ancient civilization. Your child will work on selecting an ancient culture to research, and chose a presentation mode that matches with his/her goals. This will be completed by the end of January. We will share as they are completed. Thank you for all of your time with family stories and family traditions. It has been fun getting to know about what makes your family extra special.

Ask your child:

To explain how the Maya Math system is different from our base 10 system. See if they can show you how to do a math problem using Maya symbols.

We are looking forward to our field trip to the Princeton Art Museum on December 3rd!

Princeton Art Museum

Tuesday, Dec. 3rd 2013 at 9am

Princeton University

Princeton, NJ

Captivating Creators - Butler and Gayman Fourth

I continue to be impressed by the creativity your children exhibit through this unit. In fourth grade we have been studying the four elements of creativity: flexibility, fluency, elaboration, and originality. Thank you for all your help in gathering supplies for our Marble Maze creation. We are having so much fun practicing our verbal spontaneous skills. This might even be a fun dinner time activity. Come up with a category (ex. Things that fly), and take turns sharing what you come up with. The objective is to come up with creative answers. (ex. time flies) We are going to be getting into more team work activities in the next couple weeks. In December, we will begin discussing the invention process. Your child will be completing surveys and brainstorming ideas in the first couple weeks. Thank you for all of your support at home!

Ask your child:

To tell you about the 4 elements of creativity, and which of the elements are a strength based on the activities we did in class.

We are looking forward to our Invention Convention on May 5th at Gayman Elementary.

Invention Convention

Monday, May 5th, 9:30am

4440 Point Pleasant Pike

Doylestown, PA

Gayman and Butler 4th Grade Marble Rides

Click below to see our adventures in building. The password to access the video is PEN.

Awesome Archaeologists - Gayman Fifth

Your little archaeologists have made me so proud this year. You can see them below hard at work! So far this year we have learned about what archaeologists do, and what makes archaeology such a tricky science. Each child created an entry for an archaeological journal dated in 4022. For now, you can see them on display in the fourth grade hallway. We are in the middle of studying ancient mysteries, and will soon move on to study archaeological dating methods. Your child will take part in a mini class dig as part of our study of stratigraphy.

Ask your child:

To share what ancient mystery he/she studied and what his/her theories are about it.

Enigmatic Engineers - Gayman Sixth

The energy and intensity of this group has helped to drive them through the trial and error process of this unit successfully. They are in the midst of programming their robots to navigate through "Nature's Fury" challenges, and to work to create a problem to help keep people safer during a natural disaster.

If you want to learn more click the link below:


Ask your child:

To tell you about the 3 parts that make a robot, and the trial and error process they have gone through to teach their robot to navigate a maze.

We are looking forward to Robotics Day on Monday, February 3rd at Warwick Elementary.

Robotics Day for Sixth Grade

Monday, Feb. 3rd, 9pm

Warwick Elementary School, Warwick, PA

Warwick, PA