Or the people you get paranoid around

Job Description

A person who patrols the streets of any place from criminals. Often thought as people who eat donuts and become fat


Surprisingly, the only education you need is highschool, or a highschool diploma for proof. You can study Criminal Justice for better understanding of criminal justice (duh) or attend a Law school.

The goods and bads

People think that getting a job as a police officer is a very dangerous choice, and that's partially true. The bad attributes as a police officer is that everyday, you have a slight chance of getting hurt, the worst is by gang activity. You also will be getting lots of complains, for example, an old widow who thinks the pet rock upstairs is too loud. You will also have long and stressful hours on the street, just scanning for law breakers. But the good side is that you are one of the many who chose to protect others from the dangerous individuals, or the fact that everyday, something new will happen. Some say that they like the fun of problem solving.

Universities or Services Needed

Not really anything above needed (No criminal records count? That is a service.... Right?)

Base Salary

Straight to the point: $62,352 a year (averagely of course) but it mostly depends on the area.
Do You Speak English? -Yes, Sure

No matter what language you speak, we will always understand you

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