Flipped Classrooms

Strengths and Weaknesses

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Strength 1

Students are allowed to learn concepts on their own time in the comfort of their own homes. They watch video lectures and complete online modules at home and use class time to discuss and apply what they have learned (Educause 2012).

Strength 2

Teachers are allowed more time in class to have meaningful interactions and discussions with the students about the lecture where in the past they would lecture during class losing valuable time they could be using to ensure students were engaged and actively involved in the learning process. (Hero 2013).

Strength 3

Research suggests that implementing flipped instruction in the classroom can be a positive change for both students and teachers. It has been attributed to increased test scores and student engagement in the classroom. (Clintondale High School 2012). Many schools that have implemented flipped instruction in their classrooms have reported notable jumps in their standardized test scores. One school in Tulsa, Oklahoma reported a 12 percentage point increase in test scores after using the flipped classroom method of teaching. Their first time pass rate for the test before using flipped instruction was 83.9 percent and it increased to 96 percent after implementing flipped instruction in the classroom. (Smith 2014).

Strength 4

Flipped instruction allows for the use of technology in education. Teacher can post videos, podcasts, interactive website links,PowerPoint presentations, etc. for students to watch, read, and complete at home at their own pace then use class time to discuss what has been learned and complete assignments and activities based on the material. "As flipped classrooms become more popular, new tools may be developed to support the out-of-class portion of the curriculum" (Educause 2012).

Strength 5

Time isn't as much of an issue with flipped classrooms. Students don’t have to try to take everything in during a 45 minute lecture, they can watch the video at their own pace and come to class the next day with any questions or concerns about the material and discuss it with the teacher. They don't have to capture everything the teacher says immediately. They can watch the videos in the module rewind them as needed to get material they missed. (Educause 2012).

Weaknesses of the Flipped Classroom

Although there are many strengths to the flipped classroom model, it also has its weaknesses.

Weakness 1

Flipping a classroom takes a lot of time and effort. Teachers have to record lectures, post modules and videos, and the elements implemented in and out of the class must be carefully integrated so the students can understand them (Educause 2012).

Weakness 2

Students can have trouble getting used to the loss of face to face time with the teacher (Educause 2012). This form of instruction is less personal than traditional methods of instruction.

Weakness 3

Students may be inclined to skip class. Students may be more likely to skip class because they have watched the videos and lectures and think it is fine to skip the activity portion of the lesson causing them to miss the value of the flip (Educause 2012).

Weakness 4

When working with technology problems can arrive easily and often. Videos may have difficulty loading or may not be posted correctly resulting in students missing valuable instruction (Educause 2012).

Weakness 5

Not all students have access to technology at home. This can be a problem in any school system, but is often more prevalent in rural schools. Some students don't have computers, phones, or tablets at home to use for this type of instruction. Some students don't even have electricity in their homes causing them to be completely unable to benefit from this model of instruction. This is one of the major drawbacks to flipped instruction.


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