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March 2019

Dates to Remember

End of 3rd Nine Weeks - March 8

eLearning Day - March 20

Spring Break - March 25 - March 29

February's Newsworthy Classrooms

Operation Football Spirit Award Concert

The rainy, windy weather didn't keep them home. Freezing temperatures didn't keep them home. Road games 50 miles away didn't keep them home. No matter what, the Western Boone Pep Club and fans showed up and supported their team. The support for the Stars was so immense that WeBo won the WTHR/WZPL Operation Football Spirit Award. Students at Western Boone were rewarded with the giant WTHR Operation Football Spirit Award trophy and concert by WZPL. Multiple local celebrities, such as Dave Calabro, Julia Moffitt, Taylor Tennebaum, Dave Smiley, and Will Pfaffenberger, hosted the event while recording artist Jake Miller performed.

"What I enjoyed most about the experience is how much our school was truly spirited at the show and how much noise we made to show we are proud of what we accomplished." - Alexis Beard

"The thing I enjoyed most about the concert was how we got it. Our tiny small school beat every other school and we won the concert. I think that just shows how dedicated our school is to our football team." Makaila Arnold

"I liked how upbeat the whole concert was! It was really fun and I hope we can win the spirit award again next year!" - Mary Abney

"What I enjoyed the most was the enthusiasm coming from my friends during the concert. Every one was super excited to see Jake Miller and listen to his music. Everyone around me enjoyed his music and had lots of fun." - Noah Shuptrine

"I really enjoyed the excitement that everyone had at the concert. It showed how much spirit and effort we, as a school, put in to our student section." - Jordan Kiger

"It was probably one of the best school concerts I have ever been to." - Charlotte Miles

"What I enjoyed most about the concert was being able to spend time with friends and sing along and listen to the music that Jake was playing. It was just an amazing time all in all" - Piper Wampler

"Thank you for the Operation Football concert! One of my favorite parts of the concert was singing along with the songs and just having fun." - Hannah Reid

"I loved the back story of him and it is very heartwarming." - Jaida Snow

"I really enjoyed the thought and compassion the singer put into his lyrics and think that it was cool of him to use his own experiences as inspiration." - Tyler Harris

"I enjoyed the energy and enthusiasm the Operation Football Spirit Award concert brought!" -Elena Gubera

"It was great! It was so good I cried." - Justice Profitt

Games in Education

What does it take to build and develop a society? Mr. Riggins' students found this out by playing Settlers of Catan, a board game that makes players collect resources, trade with neighboring communities, and become the most powerful civilization of Catan. This enrichment opportunity was created by Mr. Riggins and Ms. Skibbe to give students a hands-on experience to concepts being taught in class.

"I had my Economics students play the game Catan to reinforce the concept of how scarce resources play a role in building an economy. The students learned and used strategies to obtain the needed resources to build their settlements by creating villages and roads. One of the best parts was that the students were provided an opportunity to be actively engaged and learn while playing the game!" - Mr. Riggins

"The idea behind incorporating the games was to provide a hands-on, visual representation of classroom concepts. The game Ticket to Ride--Europe was used as a bridge between students learning about Europe and Russia and provided an overview of railroad expansion between major cities around 1900. Economics students learned about producing and trading natural resources while building settlements with Catan. The games enhance and expand learning while providing meaningful interaction with peers.

I was excited to see the students thoroughly engaged and enjoying the gaming experience while learning and working together with classmates." - Ms. Skibbe

"Having been learning about the proper use and management of resources in Economics we played 'Catan,' which is a strategy game in which you must use limited resources to expand your 'settlements.' Having never played before I did not make the best decision in my initial settlements. Through the game we were able to put into practice resource management skills in order to expand our settlements which directly translates to how our country also expands. When we started day two, I was a little bit more cautious in my placements. I was able to take my knowledge of resource acquisition so that I was able to produce enough resources so I could expand and trade with my fellow players." - Brett Burgess

Counselor's Corner


Scheduling for 19-20 is underway. All students have met with their school counselor to select classes. During the month of March, Western Boone determines the classes that will be offered for the year and develops the master schedule. Counselors will meet again with students who will have a conflict to determine their selections. A final list of classes for each student will be sent home prior to Spring Break. Parents are asked to sign that list of classes to indicate approval or request changes. All change requests must be submitted in writing by April 12, 2019.

Students who requested an honors class were subject to meeting the criteria for honors placement, including grades, test scores, and teacher recommendations. Math and English departments reviewed all the applications for approval.

Students who requested a dual credit class next year will be asked to complete an application with Ivy Tech to earn those college credits (if they haven’t done so already) at This will need to be completed by April 7, 2019. The application does require a social security number. Any questions about dual credit can be sent to Miss Query (

Financial Aid & Scholarships

We are in the heart of the scholarship and financial aid season! Seniors and parents are reminded to continue to review the senior newsletter sent via email and posted on the WEBO website to take advantage of the numerous local scholarship opportunities with upcoming deadlines.

Families are also reminded that the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) must be filed by April 15, 2019. However, many colleges have earlier deadlines, so be sure to contact your desired college to confirm the date so you don’t miss out on grant, scholarship, and/or loan opportunities. The FAFSA can be filed online at

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