How to use Google the easy way

How it works and the basic

To get the most out of Google search then follow these simple steps to ensure you use it correctly.

1. If you want a precise search then go to the COG in the top right hand corner of your Google.

2. Type the requirements that you wish to have to search.

3. Click Search button at the bottom of your screen.

Google search

Google search is not searching the entire internet but searching its data bank. They send something called a SPIDER or ROBOT to search the data bank and basically plant a flag on that page so you can find it again. Or in other words you call it your history.

The features that come with the search

Some of the best things come free. Like the ability to do a safe search on your Google search so you can find safe options instead of all the other search results you can get.
Introducing enhanced voice search on the Google Search App

Tip section

Stay safe searching or enjoy it Better by:

1. Using safe search.

2. Use Google wisely.

3. Keep your history clean.

4. Do not go on any dodgy website it may have a virus on it.