Latin at MacArthur High School

Prepared for Garner Middle School students

Join the best class at MacArthur.

Did you know MacArthur High School has Latin? We do. It's been around for years. We offer Latin I, II, III, an IV. We also have a Latin Club that competes at local, state, and even National Competitions, called the Junior Classical League.

Benefits of Taking Latin

Latin classes are offered in the afternoon at Mac. Did you know that college admission counselors like students to take Latin? It shows them that this is a student serious about their learning. Did you know that students that take three years or more of the same foreign language, along with taking a selection of PreAP and AP courses, are considered distinguished graduates? Taking Latin gives you an edge when you go to college!

Latin is Linked to Better SAT Scores.

DId you know that 60%-90% of our vocabulary comes from Latin? Latin is the one class you can take in high school that will help you improve your scores on the English part of the SAT. It can help you on just about any standardized test involving reading or writing, including STAAR. I hear every hear, Mr. Pope, I saw some words on that test, that we had studied in class. I knew what that word meant.
Why Should You Take Latin?

Did you know Latin Can Help you Learn other Languages?

Latin is an Indo European language. It's the mother tongue. It's where French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian came from. These are called Romance languages because they came from the language spoken by the Romans. Learning Latin will give the edge you need to learn other languages.

MacArthur Latin Club

Did you know that we have a Latin Club that has it's own Honor Society? To be a member, you need to pay your dues, which are $30 for the year. This includes a Club T shirt, a ticket to the Area B Convention, a ticket for the National Latin Exam, TSJCL and NJCL memberships, and Honor Society patches, pins, and certificates.

Latin Lives.

Click below for examples of Latina vivit, how Latin lives in everyday life.