Roald Dahl

By:Griffin Turner

Roald Dahl Early Life

Roald Dahl was born in Llandoff,Wales on September 13th, 1916 .He was born to Norwegian parents . Once his younger sister Else was born in 1918 they moved to Radyr.His older sister and dad passed away in 1920 .In 1921 they moved back to Llandoff,Wales,UK .In 1929,Roald Dahl moved to repton where he spends the rest of his school days.

Roald Dahl Later LIfe

Roald Dahls first job was at shell oil.He returns to Britain in 1941 . Roald Dahl is posted to Washington and completes his first paid piece of writing in 1942.In 1951 Roald dahl met his future wife, the American actress Patricia Neal.1955 his daughter Olivia is born and his only stage play is open,The honeys,opens.In 1961 his first famous book for children was published James and The Giant Peach .His eldest daughter dies in 1962.Released Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and begins work for Fantastic Mr.Fox . 1971 was the release of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory . November 23, 1990 Roald Dahl died age ,72. September 13, 2006 Roald Dahl day. Febuary 1st ,2014. 50th Anniversity of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory .

Roald dahls famous books

1.Charlie and the chocolate factory

2.James and the Giant peach

3.The Twits



6.Danny ,The champion of the world

Roald Dahl Biography and Interview