By Bethany Bentley (4th Period)


Hydra was a multi-headed monster with around nine heads that was slain by Hercules in his second mission. The Hydra was almost impossible to kill because every time one head was cut off, two more would take its place. Hercules found a way to kill this monster by having his nephew close the wound of each neck with a hot piece of metal, therefore stopping the new heads from growing back. Hercules then burried the one head left under a large rock. This mission was made harder for Hercules by Juno who sent a crab to bite his feet while he fought the mighty Hydra.



Hydra is a long constellation, starting at almost Cantis Minor and ending near Libra. Hydra is best seen Feburary though May, lying along the southern horizion.  It is the largest of the 88 modern constellations. Though one of the largest constellations, Hydra only has one noticablly bright star, Alphard.


Mythology from comfychair.org     Pictures from Bing Images   Information from wikipedia.com and comfychair.org