6-week Beginner's Yoga Series

Tuesdays from 11:45am-1pm (Feb 23rd - March 29th, 2016)

YOGA @ Jazzercise, Georgetown, TX!

Join Akshaya for a 6-week Beginner's Yoga series every Tuesday at 11:45am at Jazzercize, Georgetown (71 Wildwood Dr). The next 6-week series starts Feb 23rd, so sign up today! The series is $70, which makes each class just over $11.

To sign up, e-mail breatheandflowyoga@gmail.com, or check out www.ibreatheandflow.com for more information.

6 Tuesdays @11:45am, starting February 23rd!

This Yoga class has a more Gentle approach, where we will study basic asanas (postures), breathing techniques, and meditation to help reduce stress, and increase flexibility of the body and mind!
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Don't forget, we also offer drop-in classes Wednesday nights @7pm!

$15 (single class)

$65 (5-class pass)

$110 (10 class pass)