Confucianism vs Taoism

What would a government founded on Confucian principles look like?

A government founded on Confucian principles would look like everyone has a part in life. The husband and father would be respected. the wife would be socially inferior to men. Everyone will respect whoever is superior to them.

How would an Asian family be influenced by Confucius teachings?

An Asian family would respect the husband or dad and do as their told. The family would worship their ancestors. They would celebrate Chinese New Year, Teacher Day, Ancestor Day.

Are Taoist principles relevant to the issues of everyday life today?

Taoist principles are relevant to everyday life because many people goal are to have these things Humility, Moderation, Health, and Longevity

How do the individual principles/maxims of each philosophy connect to each other to form an entire religion/way of thinking?

They are complete opposite like yin and yang. Confucianism believe in to have a structured society and Taoism believe in to be one with nature.