Welcome To England!

By Izabella

Life at Home

    Most families live in or near cities. City centers are usually crowded. Also they usually live in brick houses and most English families live in tall buildings. The houses are either seperate or bunched up in a row. Many families have gardens planted in their yards. The families usually have 2 children. The parents work while the kids (when old enough) go to school. In the evening it's time to relax. It's usually you watch TV with your family or you go visit friends.


   English food is supposedly simple. Some ingredients they might use are beef, pork, lamb, roast boiled potatoes, and they use fewer spices than Europeans. The names of dishes tell us which part of England it came from. A Cornish party includes a flaky crust filled with meat, potatoes and vegetables. Fish and chips (french fries) is a favorite dish on England. They also are very fond of sheperds pie which is a casserole with ground beef and mashed potatoes. They eat tea and buiscits anytime. Plum pudding is the most favorite dessert. To make it the Cook covers the dish with brandy and lights it on fire then the fire burns the sugar on the surface to make a sweet crust.


   Most of England's forests are being cleared, but many wild animals still live there. Red deer live in the Lake District. The western part of England has roe deer. Wild ponies live in the southeastern part of England. Fallow deer live throughout England. Otters are common near riverbanks. Seals (of all sorts) live along less populated coasts. Brown trouts, salmon, and eel swin the England rivers. Badgers are often seen on farms, rabbits feed in gardens, and red foxes live near cities. In London you'll find hedgehogs in bushes. Bats and field mice live throughout England.

Sports and Games

   The English play many sports. Soccer is the favorite sport and it is known as football. Cricket is the traditional sport that has been around for 700 years. They use a ball and bat, the rules are complicated, and the game of cricket could last several days. World's biggest tennis tournament takes place at Wimbledon. The badminton championships in Birmingham.