Mountopia Accepting New Members!

Where are all your Dreams are Mountain High!


People who enjoy a rigorous lifestyle infused with the beauty of the natural world. Mountopia, is an oasis where slowly you will forget the outside world and your body fat. We are the quintessential society for pursuing the American Dream- we make you the best that you can be! Everyday we strive for greatness, and too make you the most special person in the world! Also you will get to live out your childhood dream of living in a tree house village!


Mountopia was founded to create a society free of the world's many issues. In Mountopia there is no obesity, all of the citizens are very active and eat very healthy. There have been laws set in place to insure that nobody falls into the evils of fatty food. Also people are required to log their daily activity into a government issued document. With these laws our society has been able to successfully eradicate obesity. Also our founder, Luke Lugano, decided to have our fat-free society in the mountains because of the endless opportunity for athletic activities.

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How We Compare

As opposed to the World of Guy Montag, we at Mountopia wish for you to be as independent, free-thinking, and as healthy as possible! We encourage you to be the most wholesome person that you can be, one of the reason that we choose to immerse you into the natural world. An additional reasoning for the immersion is to rid our society of any possible, Corporate, Bureaucratic, Technological, or Philosophical Control. We believe that this is the most beneficial to society, your health, and in connection with our philosophy to you becoming the best you can be! Our joyful citizens abide by a constitution, as do the governing bodies the our democratic society, compared to the melancholy citizens of F451, who must follow laws and regulations without an apparent right to vote, or run for public office! Mountopia is the great society in the world in regards to the subject of political rights!


One potential problem with joining our utopia is that you need to enjoy athletic activity. If you enjoy watching T.V. and eating chips all day, Mountopia may not be for you. Also if you are a diabetic, have asthma or an eating disorder you will not be welcome (other health issue may apply). If you do have one of these you will not automatically be banished. If you are able to put in work and become healthy then you’ll love Mountopia. But if you aren't willing to put out the necessary effort to become fit, you will not succeed in Mountopia. Some drawbacks to living here is if you are not in good shape you could be extremely injured or even killed during some of our daily activities. These include, but are not limited to, tree climbing, rock climbing, intensified aquatics, and base jumping off cliffs. If you do someday want to leave you will have to pass through a rigorous parkour course that only the most athletic can pass. Otherwise if you do not obey our rules you will be peaceful put to sleep. This would be a dystopia for somebody who may not be very athletic. If somebody is into less active hobbies they might not consider Mountopia to be a torturous society as the citizens here may discriminate against the un-athletic. So if you don't have a strong passion for sports and outdoor activity, this place may not be for you.