Afghanistan War

about the war

Facts about the Afghan war

The war started on october 7, 2001-present (12 years, 3 weeks and 2 days). Afghanistan is located in kabul. Afghanistan population in 2013 is 31,108,077.
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why did the war start in Afghanistan?

The war started because Afghanistan launched in response to the september 11, 2001 attack the u.s.a.

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My opinion on the war

I think that the war should just stop and we can all be a peace. We can live a life without fighting or without shooting someone. I just think fighting is wrong but what they are fighting for is really good and I appreciate what there doing.

how many solders die each year in Afghanistan?

KABUL, Afghanistan ,The killing of an American serviceman in an exchange of fire with allied Afghan soldiers pushed U.S. military deaths in the war to 2,000

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