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May 10, 2016

Wednesday Night: Remedy


6:15 - 8:15

We have officially finished our study over Romans so this week we will do a roundtable discussion over student picked topics. So come ready with those burning questions you've always been curious about, like these deep theological gems " Can God nuke a burrito so hot he can't eat it?" or "Why did God make mosquitos?".

Look forward to seeing you then!

Please let us know if you can make it so we can get a headcount for food.

Memory Verse Competition: Beard Shave Challenge

The memory verse competition ends on May 22 so be committing that Scripture to memory!

So far the verses we have memorized are 2 Timothy 3:16-17 and Psalm 119:10-12.

The last verse this school year is Romans 12:1-2. Students will have until May 22 to memorize it. Also, remember we are encouraging students to try and keep the previous verses memorized as well. They will get extra points for their team if they can recite them.

It's a close race, here are the current scores:

Team 1

10 points

Team A

11 points

Remember, the winning team gets to shave the beard in whatever creative (or boring) way they want!!! (and they also get ice cream but, hey, that's not nearly as cool)

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Summer Schedule

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Project Sweat: Summer Service Project

This summer we will partner with Hearts for Homes again to work on peoples' homes that need a little bit of extra help.

It will be July 22-23.

The cost will be $20 (which will help cover food and t-shirt)

There will be a sign up starting NEXT WEEK, so be watching for it.

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Youth Calendar, See what's coming up!

  • 5/11 Remedy
  • 5/18 Remedy/ Wild Wednesday
  • 5/22 The Landing
  • 5/25 Remedy
  • 6/1 Remedy
  • 6/5 Welcome Incoming 6th Grade/ Pool Party

* For more Summer dates check out the Summer Schedule above and make sure you stay in the loop by getting signed up to our text message service