The Perks!

Valuable Information Regarding your Membership

A Fresh, New Atmosphere

As many of our members have noticed, this gym has under-gone a major transformation! If you've had the opportunity to participate in one of our Owner Pete's classes, you've clearly seen the passion and enthusiasm he possesses in creating lasting positive change in us all. There was no doubt that this sort of mentality would pour into this space as he took on the title of owner of this facility- and what a difference these incredible new changes have made! Pete has a clear vision for this unique establishment, and with each new addition to the gym, it's obvious that the entire facility has a fresh, new, inspiring and motivating atmosphere.

The Start of Something New!

Before even purchasing this gym, we identified many potential areas for improvement. Since taking over on August 1st, we've already put many of these changes into effect, and there are plenty more to come!

New Innovative Gym Equipment

It wasn't long before we installed some great new equipment to enhance everyone's workout. Along with these great new pieces, we've implemented more frequent maintenance on all equipment in the gym, including spin bikes and free-motion strength machines for a safer and higher quality experience here at Primal Athletics.

The monkey bars:

This was the first new installation in the building, and they've been a huge hit! Aside from the nostalgic feel of swinging across this adult-size playground, its functionality has added 6 great new TRX stations to provide for Amyee's ever-growing classes!

Spartan Pegboard & American Flag:

Don't forget everyone's favorite red-capped Spartan Pegboard (which got it's share of attention at our First Annual Holiday Party on Dec. 6th!). This piece is not just a fun new obsticle, but also adds to the over-all feel in the gym, just like our brand new 16ft American Flag!

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A Healthier Gym Space

The members at Primal Athletics know what it means to go hard during their workout. This means one thing. SWEAT. As a health club, it has been our responsibility to turn up the cleanliness factor and to protect our members from the possible spread of virus or disease- And we've done just that.

High-Quality Disinfecting Wipes:

New installations of premium wipes available all over the gym!

Essential Oil Diffusers and Safer Cleaning Products:

No doubt there is a huge buzz going around about the incredible cleansing abilities of essential oils, so as a safeguard to the germs floating through the air, we've installed 3 new diffusers throughout the gym. These oils not only protect us from airborne illness, they smell FANTASTIC and help get us through those tough workouts!

Brand New SPINFUSION Area!

If you haven't tried out our new SPINFUSION class, this is a MUST! This area is one of our favorite new additions to the Primal Athletics facility! The introduction of this new spin area has opened up the possibility of safely and effectively integrating aerobic spin exercise with full-body strength workout in one class! This is something so revolutionary that it isn't even offered anywhere else! We did some serious renovations to make it happen, and it has been well worth it!

Added Luxuries

Since renovations on the new spin area began, we also saw a need for a new place for out members to hang post-workout. We've jazzed up the space with some awesome new furniture and decor, and much more!

The Lounge Area:

New couches, floor rug, ottoman and chairs give a great new homey-feel to our waiting area. We've also made Netflix available to surf through favorite T.V. shows and movies for you or those you have waiting on you!

Coffee Bar:

We've also brought in a complimentary fresh coffee selection! Feel free to grab a free cup-o'-joe to kick-start your workout, or to help put a little pep in your step after an early morning torture session ;)

Additional Classes Added!

Of all of the aesthetically pleasing additions to the gym, our brand new Wellness Room may be our most noted! With the spin bikes now snuggled in to their new designated area of the turf, we can really appreciate the vast studio space available to us! It wasn't long before we introduced our brand new wellness program as a complement to our supreme workout schedule. We saw the value in a balanced overall well-being, and had a true desire to be able to offer both sides of personal health to our valued members. Noticing the sub-par yoga programs most gyms offer, we wanted to create a practical and convenient way for Primal Athletics members to experience the full health and wellness benefits without having to go too far ;) Enjoy these awesome new classes added to our weekly schedule!
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Membership Rates Adjustments

With all these incredible new additions for your convenience, so comes additional cost. Between new equipment and more frequent maintenance, we have increased the rates of incoming members to $55 for 12-month membership agreements, and $65 + $65 enrollment fee for month-to-month members as a way to accommodate added costs.

For our current valued members, we must implement a small membership increase at the time of contract renewals. This will mean as your annual membership comes to a new cycle, Rates for anyone carrying membership below $49/m will be adjusted to the $49/m Pre-2016 Member Rate. Anyone in a current month-to-month membership will be automatically adjusted to the $65/month rate with enrollment fee waived. This is a special rate being granted only to current members of Primal Athletics, and will not be offered to newcomers. This new higher rate will help keep our number of members at the optimal amount as to not impede on the great quality of service we offer here at Primal Athletics, while allowing us to cover the costs of the valuable new additions for all to enjoy!

We're glad to have you in the Primal Athletics family, and look forward to many more years of training together!

Primal Athletics NY

Primal Athletics was founded in August 2015 by Pete Schwarting, head trainer at the former On The Go Fitness facility in Nesconset. With friend and now business partner CPA Mike Hanley, the vision of a unique fitness facility offering the essential array of fitness modalities has been coming alive in just the few short months since inception. With help from front desk manager Monique Edgar, the transformation of this space has exceeded expectations and members have truly found a new home-away-from-home at Primal Athletics. We thank you all for your continuous support!