Week at a Glance


PARCC Testing begins

Math Meeting

Sci/SS Mtg (B208)


PE/Related Arts Mtg (PE will meet in B109; Related Arts will meet in Conference Room w/ Guidance)

Take Your Child to Work Day

Thank you to all the teachers that made Take Your Child to Work Day a fun experience for all of the children in the building on Thursday. It was nice to see so many little people in our building checking out what mom or dad does everyday.

PARCC Problems? Who You Gonna Call?

Not the main office!! When we begin this round of PARCC testing there will be a change in the notification process if you have a problem. In the event that you have and issue call the guidance office and Carol will route your problem to someone that can help.

Staff Wireless Network

On Thursday afternoon Mike Bergonzoni renewed the authentication certificate for the MTL_Staff wireless network. You may see a pop-up to accept the new certificate when connecting to that network. Accept the new certificate, if prompted.

Annuals are Almost Here!

We will begin Annual evaluations during the second week in May. By now you should have a scheduled a meeting date. If not, contact one of the secretaries to schedule your date and time. Please begin to upload any artifacts for consideration before May. Once May begins we will look at what was uploaded, complete your evaluation, and send it to you before your meeting. The process will be similar to what we have done all year. If you need assistance with uploading evidence, please see one of us or a colleague for help.

Tips to save you time for your meeting:

  • Begin now. May will be here before you know it. We have a deadline date that we have to have annuals completed by so we would like to be as efficient as possible and want to respect your time also.

  • Only upload materials that will substantiate an area that you have concern about. If you are satisfied with your rating in a category, no need to upload anything. If you are satisfied with your ratings in all of your evaluations throughout the year, you don't have to upload anything.

  • The materials that are submitted will be reviewed and a final rating will be determined by the administrator completing the evaluation prior to the meeting. If you have a question as to why an area was rated what it was we will discuss it during our meeting.

  • We will also complete your PDP progress for the year. Please continue to collect data/evidence to support the attainment of your PDP goal and bring it to the meeting. You should also come prepared with a new PDP for approval for next year.

  • Have your PD hours worksheet completed.

  • Lastly, we will also discuss your SGO during our meeting. Please bring your final data to the meeting so that a final score for your SGO can be calculated. Please bring your evidence/data in a professional format.

Extended Day Care Students

It is of utmost importance that all teachers check their email at the end of the day for the list of Extended Day Care students. Our bus dismissal has been very troublesome lately as we have been tracking down students that are supposed to be in daycare. Many times the student is still sitting in homeroom. We don't dismiss the bus waves until all students are accounted for. This at times causes delays to the elementary bus runs. We want to make sure that students that are in day care get there and don't go home on a bus. Please help by making sure these students get to where they are supposed to be.

June Faculty Meeting

Please be advised that the faculty meeting scheduled for Tuesday, June 2nd is the correct date. The 6th grade Jamboree was originally scheduled for June 1st which is why the meeting was pushed to a Tuesday.

Field Trips

As we move into the month May, there will be many of you heading out of the building on trips. Please be mindful of your student groupings on your trips. If you feel that you have students that need special attention, please make sure that when you divide up your groups that these students are being supervised by teachers not parents. Our parents are coming along to assist with supervision, but if you know a student requires extra special attention, it should be you who gives them that attention. Students should also not be permitted to purchase items from gift shops.