Tell Your Mind to go Clean Outside!

By Taha Hussain

Taha Hussain

was in great pain.

For he had to clean outside his home

above, below, all over the great dome!

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The job made him a bear,

all day he wanted to say, "It's so unfair!"

Just like his soccer coaches,

he couldn't stand the roaches.

When he moved the boxes, some glass came falling down

CRASH! Was the sound that was made when he dropped a gold glass crown.

Up came the dust being blown around by the breeze

It did no good, it just made him sneeze!

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Just like Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout,

He always made a face just a usual pout.

Finally not long after three he finished,

all the disgusting trash was diminished.

He obeyed his command just like the story of Noah's Ark

So eventually he was free to go play at the park.