Summer Reading

Where Men Win Glory by Jon Krakauer

Pat Tillman's Character Analysis

Where Men Win Glory shows that Pat Tillman had many facets. Pat was a brave, daring, sensitive, and intellectual human being. One example of Pat's bravery is shown when he was faced with the decision of choosing between football and joining the army. Pat was a rising star in the National Football League with the Arizona Cardinals, but following the 2001-2002 season and the event of 9/11, Pat decided it was his duty to join the army and protect his country. By doing this, Pat turned down a three year contract worth $3.6 million. An example of Pat's daring personality can be seen not just by his becoming a professional football player and then joining the army, but by what he did in his free time. Growing up in New Almaden, California, Pat grew up surrounded by nature and spent most of his time outside. When he wasn't playing football, Pat felt the need to always be doing something. This urge caused Pat to push his muscular body to new limits by performing outrageous stunts. These stunts included diving off a forty foot cliff, climbing numerous objects, and making death defying leaps. Pat's sensitivity can be seen throughout the story in the journal he kept. Pat writes about his daily events in the journal. The journal entries show Pat's deep feelings for his life as a football player, his life in the army, and for his family and friends. Pat's intellectual ability can be seen while Pat is in college. In college Pat became friends with a tennis player from Hungary. Despite being famous on campus, Pat liked to talk about politics and current events with the student. Pat also received a high grade point average throughout college, breaking the stereotype of how athletes are seen as people who are not that smart and just have athletic abilities.

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The Development of Pat's Story

There is a lot of story development in the book Where Men Win Glory. The themes and setting of the story help advance the story along. One of the main themes of the story is going with your heart. An example of this theme of developing the story is when Pat decided to leave the NFL to join the army. Pat believed that after 9/11 it was his duty to serve his country. This develops the story because Pat had to change his whole life around and make a very difficult choice, of abandoning the football career and all the money he had made and instead go and serve his country. Another example of this theme developing the story is when Pat gets married, even though he knows he is enlisting in the army and might get killed in action. This develops the story because it shows Pat's long distance relationship with his wife and the challenges they have to go through. One setting that advances the plot is New Almaden, California. New Almaden is Pat's hometown and is the setting where the story starts to develop. In this setting, we learn about Pat's roots, his personality, and his story. Another setting that develops the story is Afghanistan. Afghanistan is where Pat is deployed while he is in the army. This setting develops the story because we see a different side of Pat and all of the struggles he goes through.

The Review

Where Men Win Glory by Jon Krakauer is overall a great read and a book that I would recommend to anyone. Jon Krakauer does a great job blending the story of Pat's life as a professional football player with the developing events that were going on in the Afghanistan and the Middle East during that time. This book shows people a different perspective on things in life and has great themes that teach a lot of lessons.