Juan Ponce De Leon

The Man that Claims North America for Spain

Background on De Leon

He was born in 1460 in a wealthy royal family as he started to grow up he got a very good education as a child. When he became an adult he joined the spanish military and fought in the war against the moors, before the war ended he became a general of the spanish army. Eventually the war ended and he began to gain interest in exploration. He went on his first expedition when Christopher Columbus went on his second expedition. His three ships were fitted at his own expenses for his first voyage.

De Leon's Achievements

When he was in the military he became a military general and helped to stop the native uprising in Puerto Rico. After he stopped the uprising he went back to spain to get his family and bring them to the new world of Puerto Rico. When he got back they started searching for gold and found a lot of gold. After a while he had heard rumors of the island of bimini's water would rejuvenate those who drank from it (The Fountain of Youth). When he was going to bimini he landed on a new undiscovered land, he thought that he had found a new island but he had found present day florida that he named florida because he arrived there on easter. After that he kept looking for the (The Fountain of Youth) which he never found.

De Leon's Impact on the World

One Way that Ponce De Leon impacted the world is that when he discovered Florida it made other countries want to explorer to that part of the world so therefore if he didn't discover florida north america may not have been discovered when it was. Another impact that Ponce De Leon had is that he helped stop the native uprisings, if he hadn't stopped them then north america may not have been claimed when it was.
Learning About Ponce de León