February 2017 eNewsletter

Principal's Note

It's been an interesting start to second semester starting with two eLearning Days the first week. We would like to thank everyone for their flexibility and assistance making those first two eLearning Days a success. There were certainly some issues here at the high school and across the district, but considering all factors, things went fairly well. Students and teachers have made some adjustments with regard to these issues. We'll see what the remainder of winter brings, but at this point we feel good about conducting another eLearning Day if need be.

Winter sports have found success as the seasons wind down. As in past years our wrestlers did very well at Sectional last Saturday and are preparing for continued success at Regional this Saturday at Jeff. Girls basketball won Tuesday and advance to the semi-finals of Sectional this Friday at Floyd. Boys basketball started the year winning 9 of their first 10 games as well as winning the South Ripley Holiday Tournament.

Parent Teacher Conferences in the spring at JCHS have been a little different the past several years with alternatives like Pantherfest. This year we're adopting a new alternative which is starting this month whereby homeroom (PAWS) teachers will be meeting with their students conducting interviews regarding academic and social growth/success and College and Career Readiness. After completing these meetings/interviews, data will be collected and shared with counselors and with you through contacts from your student's homeroom teachers. We're looking forward to this new alternative with the hope of adding one more link in the chain in equipping students with understanding and encouragement as they navigate high school and post-secondary "career/college" opportunities.

ISTEP+ testing, in high school the graduation qualifying exam, will begin for all sophomores on February 27th. These tests will cover Math, English, and Science. We ask that parents/guardians of sophomores encourage them to get their rest, eat a decent breakfast, and do their best on these exams as they represent a significant part of State graduation requirements. Thank you for your help in this endeavor. We'll certainly do our best as well to make sure students are as prepared as they can be.

Tom Black

JCHS, Principal

Guidance, mwhitcomb@jcsc.org

College Goal Sunday - February 12, 2017 2:00 pm at JCHS. At locations all across Indiana, financial aid experts will once again give free FAFSA filing help to students and families!

The best way to stay connected with College Goal Sunday Indiana is to check this website http://www.collegegoalsunday.org/, and follow us on Twitter (Twitter.com/CGS_Indiana) and like us on Facebook (Facebook.com/IndianaCollegeGoalSunday)!

Course Requests for the 2017-2018 school year started January 19th and will continue through February 22nd. If you have questions about your student's course requests you can log-in and see selections in Skyward and/or contact your student's counselor, (812)-346-5625

ISTEP+ February 27th through March 7th

Mid-Term for the 3rd 9-Weeks was Wednesday, February 1st. The end of the 3rd 9-weeks will be March 3rd.

Winter Homecoming 2017

Business, kgraham@jcsc.org

The Business Department is thrilled to have another Dual Credit Class that has been approved for second semester. The class is Digital Applications and Responsibility Advanced.

In order to receive the dual credit there are several areas that must be covered. Beginning with the first semester, they will begin with Word. Beginning with flyers, students will produce a one page flyer that projects advertising, promotion or to publicize or convey a message to the community. That will transition them into creating a research paper with references and sources and wrapping up with business letters that include tables.

Next, students will learn Excel. Students will take data and consolidate it into a summary so people will understand the data. Text and numbers will be entered in order to run simple functions like totally numbers, finding the average, minimum, maximum, etc… This will include formulas that will create the numbers needed. With the completed information a chart can be created that further explains the data.

PowerPoint is the final Office program that will be used. PowerPoint can help students deliver a dynamic and professional-looking message to their viewers. They will learn that slides must include picture and visual elements and understand how important the use of color can be. Students will learn to customize slides that can include diagrams, charts, tables, shapes, videos, sound and animation effects that will make their presentations more effective.

The second semester will include more advanced projects in Office 13. This semester will include Access. This is usually a new program for students. Access includes data that is organized in a manner that allows access, retrieval and use of data. Once the database is created, then students are able to add, change and delete data and then ask and answer questions regarding the data. The other two programs, Excel and PowerPoint, will include more advanced techniques. This will allow students to work on projects that will consist of an integrated, more comprehensive set of problems that are related to different scenarios.

The class will be offered to students in grades 9-12. It will count for the Ivy Tech class CINS 101 Intro to Microcomputers. We look forward to seeing numerous students take advantage of the Ivy Tech opportunity.

Fine Arts, karenchilman@jcsc.org

JCHS has 4 Key winners and 6 Honorable Mentions in the Scholastic competition this year.

Ashley Browning won a Gold Key and has 2 honorable mentions.

Kamryn Castetter, silver key.

Mikayla George, honorable mention

Asencion Ramirez, honorable mention

Shelbie Stice, silver key

Brendan Sutton, honorable mention

Nathan Vogel, Silver Key and one honorable mention

All students will be honored at Clowes Hall on Feb 26. Only Key works will be displayed. Gold key work will then be sent to New York for National competition.

Fine Arts Saturday Classics - March 11

Tickets for the JCHS Orchestra Stampede are now on sale. Please see a JCHS Orchestra member to order your tickets. ($12)

Date: Saturday, February 18th at 6pm

Place: St. Mary's Parish Center

Theme: The Best of Hollywood

Tickets will be available on pre-sale until February 13th. Get'em while you can!

Thanks and have a great day!

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FACS, cromine@jcsc.org

Related Careers:



Child Development Specialist



Display Artist

Early Childhood Specialist


FACS Specialist in Business

Family Therapist

Fashion Buyer

Fashion Designer

Financial Planner

Food Editor

Food Scientist

Hotel/Restaurant Manager

Hospitality Consultant

Interior Designer


Market Researcher



Pediatric Nurse

Personnel Director


Retail Specialist

Social Worker


FACS Electives for any Career Pathway:

*Business and Technology*

Personal Financial Responsibility

Interpersonal Relationships

*Doctoral and Medical Academy*

Child Development and Parenting

Interpersonal Relationships

Nutrition and Wellness

*Health and Food Science*

Adult Roles and Responsibilities

Child Development and Parenting

Interpersonal Relationships

Nutrition and Wellness

*Judicial and Global Affairs*

Adult Roles and Responsibilities

Child Development and Parenting

Resource Management

Interpersonal Relationships

*Performing Arts*

Textiles and Fashion Foundations

Interpersonal Relationships

*Science and Engineering*

Housing and Interior Design

Textiles and Fashion Foundations

*Visual Arts and Communications*

Housing and Interior Design

Textiles and Fashion Foundations

Interpersonal Relationships

The Life Skills Everybody Needs!!


· what would it be like to be teaching & explore future careers

· in what foods egg yolk is used as an emulsifier

· how the body digests nutrients

· how a single cell becomes a person

· how to measure half of ¾ c. brown sugar

· how to find the best bargain

· how to create your own wearable art

· how to make introductions in a business setting

· how to determine if an article about the latest food fad is valid

· how to research and write about nutrients, birth defects and cultures from around the world

· why McDonald's serves lamb burgers in India

· how a child’s environment impacts the adult he becomes

Semester Courses:

Personal Financial Responsibility


Interpersonal Relationships


Nutrition and Wellness 1


Advanced Nutrition and Wellness


Housing and Interior Design


Textiles and Fashion Technology


Child Development and Parenting


Advanced Child Development


Adult Roles and Responsibilities


Education Professions I * & 2

*EP 1 - Dual Credit with Ivy Tech


Introduction to Culinary Arts



Carol Romine

B.S. Purdue University

M.S. Indiana University


Denise Axsom

B.S. Ball State University

M.S. Indiana Wesleyan


Foreign Language, mpatterson@jcsc.org

What is the World Languages Saturday Classics program?

Saturday Classics is a JCHS World Languages department Community Service Project. High school and elementary students in grades K-3 are paired to create an educational and interactive time in which they can learn French, German, and Spanish phrases, songs, numbers, and colors. Students will also taste ethnic food, do crafts,

and learn about foreign cultures.

German — March 4

Spanish— March 11

French— March 18

For: students K-3rd grade.

Cost: $10.00 per language session or $27 for all three

Location: Jennings Co. High School Cafeteria

Passport check-in: 8:45-9:00a.m. in JCHS cafeteria

Parent pick up: 12:00 noon

Enter through the doors in the commons in the back of the building.

If school is canceled on Friday, Saturday Classics will be canceled and rescheduled.

Registration deadline is Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2017. If you have any questions, please email djackson@jcsc.org or call JCHS at 345-5588 and leave a message for Mrs. Debby Jackson.

English, tkent@jcsc.org

The yearbook class is documenting "Our Journey through 2017" and that includes covering student life, sports, and academics. The class has a goal of getting every single student in the book.

English 10 students are working on analyzing and writing argument essays. This is a new concept for many students as argument is a new standard for language arts in Indiana. Students are reading opinions about current topics in the news and looking for appeals to ethos, pathos, and logos and more

Math, ghackman@jcsc.org

All sophomore students at JCHS and across the state of Indiana will be taking the Grade10 ISTEP+ exam starting at the end of this month. Grade 10 ISTEP+ is the graduation exam for the class of 2019. It replaces the prior test which was an End of Course Assessment (ECA) in Algebra I and English 10. Students in the class of 2019 must pass the Grade 10 STEP+ to qualify for graduation. The Grade 10 ISTEP+ is a two-part test with the first part beginning at JCHS on February 27th. Students will be tested over their knowledge of mathematics, English and science.

The first part of the mathematics portion of the Grade 10 ISTEP+ is an applied skills test measuring skills and standards learned in 8th grade mathematics and in Algebra I. The Part 1 Applied Skills test consists of two separate, four-question tests. The questions are in the format of either constructed-response or extended response question types, traditionally called ”word problems,” and contain multiple parts. Students will earn points based on content and process. Content refers to the correct answer and process refers to the method students use to solve the problem. Students will be provided an approved reference sheet to use on the tests and will be allowed to use a calculator. For more information on the Grade 10 ISTEP+ go to the Indiana Department of Education website at http://www.doe.in.gov/.

The following is an example of an extended response problem.

Sample Applied Skills Problem Grade 10 ISTEP+ Math

Zach has a basic cell phone plan that does not include texting. He is going to add a multimedia texting package to his cell phone plan. He has two choices of multimedia texting packages, A and B. Package A charges $0.25 per multimedia text with no monthly fees for the multimedia texting package. Package B charges $0.20 per multimedia text, but has a $15 monthly fee for the multimedia texting package.

Part A

Write an equation that represents the total cost for each multimedia texting package if any amount of multimedia texts are sent. Be sure to define the variables you are using for your equation.

Define the variables: _____________________________________________________

Package A Equation: ______________________________________________________

Package B Equation: _____________________________________________________

Part B

How many multimedia texts will Zach have to send each month for the two multimedia texting packages to be the same cost? Use words, numbers, and/or symbols to justify your answer.

Show all Work

Answer __________________________ texts

Part C

Zach plans to send 250 multimedia texts each month. Which multimedia texting package would be the least expensive package for Zach to add to his cell phone plan?

Show all work using words, numbers, and/or symbols to justify your answer.

Show all Work

Answer __________________________

Social Studies, cevans@jcsc.org

Here’s a rundown of the learning activities taking place currently in social studies:

In Miss Evans’ Advanced Placement U.S. History classes, students just completed Industrial Revolution Ken Burns’ style documentaries on an aspect of American Industrialism from urbanization to immigration.

Students in Advanced Placement Government are studying political ideology and creating polls to determine the political culture of Jennings County High School.

In Mr. Lane’s world history classes students just finished a study of the Italian Renaissance. They created a cultural mural with the different types of art found in the time period (see below)...

In Indiana Studies, students just completed state mapping activities.

In Miss Bezy’s U.S. History classes, students completed a study on the Great Depression and Dust Bowl by taking part in a primary source exploration of photographs by Dorothea Lange (see below)...

Athletics, mrboughton@jcsc.org

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