Starting from June 03, 2013 to July 19, 2013


* To enhance the building up a professional employee image

* To enhance the keeping company working area clean and tidy

* To enhance the understanding and applying the company regulations into daily operation

* To help our employees build up a good working habit

This competition will apply for:

* All employees including all Vietnamese and Taiwanese officers in head office

* Agency training and development center and service center of HCMC branch office


Part 01: Professional working image

1. Working Time

2. Uniform manner

3. Telephone manner & service attitude

Part 02: Keeping office clean and tidy

1. Individual working area

2. Department stock and cabinets

3. Public area: Pantry area, Toilet area, Printer and photocopy machine area


* First prize award: VND3,000,000

* Second prize award: VND2,000,000