Minecraft PE

Pocket Edition Game

The Game

Minecraft PE is a game that is made of blocks that you can mine, craft, and build things like castles or other interesting things that you want to build. It is a Mojang owned game that is also available on PC and X-box. You can name yourself anyway you want to. It cost $6.99 for the Pocket Edition


Survival is a game mode where you have life and you can pick up blocks that you mine. You can craft and smelt items that will make the game easier. It will turn from day to night. During night zombies, skeletons, spiders, and creepers will spawn in dark areas. They will try to kill you if you get close enough.


Creative is the other game mode where you have infinite resources, can fly, and can't die. Creative is used for making what you want to. It will never turn to night and monsters won't spawn. You can't pick up blocks that you mine. The blocks break almost instantly. This is when you can make what you want most easily.