Alan Turing

By James Elliott

Alan Turing: A lifetime

Alan Turing was born on the 23rd of June in 1912 in Maida vale, London. He died June 7th 1954 in Wilmslow. He was educated at Princeton university (1936-1938).He had one brother called John Turing and his parents were called Ethel Sara Stoney and his father Julius Mathison Turing.Alan Turing committed suicide with an apple laced with cyanide at- 42 years old because people had discovered his homo-sexuality. During world war 2 Alan was a leading participant to help to crack German ciphers and codes.He worked at Bletchley park the GCCS wartime station. Turing created the bombe; a code breaking device designed to intercept German codes and make them read in English to help the English in the war effort.And, with that information, he helped to defeat the Germans. Underneath is a link to the Alan Turing wikipedia page for even more information! Also beneath are a few images of him and a video!
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