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How far in advance do you start thinking about what to wear for a special event? When preparing to attend an important appointment such as a job interview or first date, what are your absolute requirements for showing up positively?
Whether interacting within a social or professional setting, how do you energetically, mentally and emotionally prepare to increase your chances of projecting your best?

Your choice of dress may be influenced by factors that include the weather predicted for the day, wanting to step into the world with confidence or to meet the requirements for a particular event. Whatever your approach, the chances are that you make whatever changes are necessary to ensure success.

Where 1 is that you don't and 10 is that you do, how good are you at applying the micro principles of change that you naturally implement on a day-to-day basis across the broader spectrum of your life?

Just as you take responsibility to make changes for routine situations, the rest of your life is no different and deserves as much attention to effect the desired changes you want to make. Rather than moving around the cycle of sameness, day in day out, week after week, practicing habitual patterns that bring equivalent results, doing something - even if only in a slightly different way - means that you increase your chances of creating a new outcome.

Corporate Coach and Co-organizer of the Coachpreneurs, Roger Dennison, shares insights on how making small changes can start from where you are and can be used as a model to lead yourself to change.

Roger discusses:

· The perils for older men who battle through life changes alone

· Why it’s important to express needs instead of remaining strong and silent.

· How the best leaders balance their male and female energy.

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.”

John C Maxwell.

Roger Dennison

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International Men's Day UK - 19th November

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