A Message from Ms. Lilly

RNE newsletter August 24th, 2017

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A message from Ms. Lilly

This week our students experienced an incredible event by viewing the solar eclipse. Our students were able to safely view the eclipse thanks to our teachers and parent volunteers. Students were given protective eyewear and escorted outside for a brief time. The reaction on most of the students faces was priceless. Thank you to everyone that made this happen for our students!

Thank you to all of our parents that attended curriculum night! Our teachers presented valuable information that will allow for a successful school year. Please know that the entire RNE family is here to support your child. Each year we want to ensure at least one year’s worth of academic growth for all students. The partnerships we established this week will make this happen.



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Great American Opportunities

Our annual PTA fundraiser has begun! This year, we are partnering with Great American Opportunities to sell their fantastic line of products. We can't wait for you to browse the catalogs - and know you'll probably end up with a lot for your own household!

Each student has been given a packet with all the information needed to make this a tremendous success. You can read through the highlights and FAQs on our PTA website by clicking here. You can also go directly to our online store at https://www.gaschoolstore.com/ (our school’s code is 4994257).

Not interested in selling products? You can opt out of the fundraiser and make a direct donation here. All Opt-Out donations go 100% towards the PTA's Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM) and are tax deductible.

Stay tuned to our home page for weekly updates as we progress toward our goal of $25,000. We can do it!

Parents!!! Please be aware, walking students across the carpool lanes in a serious safety issue. Students and parents must use the crosswalk.

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School lunch is a great choice.

The Fulton County School Nutrition Program manages the food service operations in each school to provide nutritious, safe and customer acceptable meals to all students in support of health and academic achievement. In order to support our nutrition program at RNE students have an opportunity to win a golden ticket during lunch. On Tuesday August 30, 2016, each lunch period will give away tickets to each student purchasing lunch. You could be the lucky winner.