Waipipi School 2022

Term 1: Monday 11th April

Our vision: Waipipi Students are successful learners, who communicate

confidently, and interact positively with others.

Term One Dates

Board of Trustees meeting in the staffroom by zoom at 7pm

Tuesday 12th April

Easter Friday (Start of Holidays)

Holiday dates: Friday 15th April- Sunday 1st May

Term Two Dates (Some sports dates will be added once events are confirmed)

Term 2 begins Monday 2nd May

Year 7-8 Technology

Friday 6th May

Year 7-8 Technology

Friday 20th May

Board of Trustees meeting in the staffroom or by zoom at 7pm

Tuesday 24th May

Year 7-8 Technology

Friday 3rd June

Room 5 Classroom Teacher for Term 2

We'd like to thank Mrs Sally Miles for her hard-work and dedication to Room 5's teaching and learning in Term 1. We wish Mrs Miles all the best with her new career.

We have employed an exceptional teacher to continue teaching in Room 5 next term. Mrs Tarshia Jennings will be starting in week 5.

Until this time, the students will be in the care of Mrs Brown and Mrs Sharon Scott. (A very experienced local teacher)

This is a small introduction from Mrs Jennings:

Hello, my name is Tarshia Jennings and I am the lucky primary school teacher joining Waipipi School in week 5 of Term 2, teaching the year 5 and year 6 class in Room 5. I am looking forward to meeting you all and finding out about your interests.

My family and I are moving to Waiuku from the Ruapehu District. I am leaving my current school in my 5th year teaching there. We are leaving one rural, outdoorsy lifestyle for another here in Waiuku and we are excited about joining the greater Waiuku community.

Some of my favourite things along with teaching include taking care of my children and our animals, playing sports, art, dancing, 1980s music and chocolate.

Have a great holiday break and see you in Term 2!