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A Message From Your Loving Principal

Dear Sequoyah Families,

I wonder if any of us have ever had to really struggle for something we knew was right – the proper, good and right thing to do. I wonder how many of us have ever had to struggle and strive in the face of opposition just to attain something that was rightfully ours to begin with. How many of us have had to struggle with more than trying to decide which of two TV shows to watch or what to eat?

If you know what it means to fight for the right and to strive for justice – to give of yourself for others – then you know about the struggle for the prize and you can well appreciate the efforts of those who do likewise. You know already what I am about to say, because you have lived it yourselves.

I want to ‘talk’ to you about a man and a struggle for a prize – a man who saw injustice and did not turn away and leave it to someone else. A struggle that continues and the man who made the highest sacrifice in his dedication to that struggle.

On the third Monday in January of each year, we celebrate a very special day. We honor the life of a man who saw injustice; who witnessed firsthand the horror of discrimination; who suffered the sting of racism – someone who knew all that yet did not allow it to defeat him. Far from deterring him, it made him all the firmer in his resolution to combat that injustice, regardless of the price he might personally have to pay. The desire for freedom that burned within him was a light that people could not help but see – and a beacon to guide all who were willing to follow.

The rights he fought for were not the rights of a special few. No, the rights he fought for were human rights – the rights of all humanity regardless of nationality or race or color. He fought for the right to dignity in an individual; he fought for the right to be judged on who you are and what you have done, not on your race; he fought that all people, everywhere, might have a chance to be what it was within them to become – based on ability alone, unhampered by human-made barriers that confined, smothered and killed. In short, he fought for freedom for us all.

I speak of Martin Luther King, Jr. Here was a man who, in the face of great violence directed both at him, personally, and at the civil rights movements he championed, chose to conduct his struggle on the principles of passive resistance and nonviolence. While others screamed and shouted the rawest of insults at him and his followers – while others threw stones, pushed, shoved, beat and even killed – he stood his ground, he bore the insult, he withstood the pain without trading violence for violence, without the poison of hatred, without stopping to the tactics of the vicious and depraved. Time and again, he was attacked, time and again he repulsed the onslaught – not with physical weapons, but with the weapons of peace and love.

Finally, it was an assassin’s bullet that cut him down, that sent him to that rest he had often spoken of. Yet that bullet could not stop the cause in which he believed – the cause for which he had fought so valiantly and given the last full measure of devotion – his very life. Largely because of the struggle of Martin Luther King, Jr., civil rights legislation was passed with the ‘teeth’ to enforce it, and Dr. King’s self-stated dream of watching black and white children playing together came one step closer to a reality.

So it is that we honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We honor his efforts and his struggle for the prize of freedom for all people everywhere. We honor the fact that his spirit is alive even today in the fight for equality and true justice for all. His fight was the fight for human rights that will continue while humanity endures.

How appropriate that Sequoyah’s new staff word for 2021 is UNITY: Together as one, serving OUR students and community. Let us also honor Dr. King and what he stands for now (freedom, equality, justice, and love) …in our hearts, minds, and actions throughout this year and beyond!

Love and Hugs,

Ted Zotos, Ed.S.


Sequoyah-Return To School Highlights

Revised January 2021...See last page for notes on parties, pictures, etc.

Student Self-Screening Questions

Please screen your child(ren) before leaving for school daily...

Ms. Stacie Waschewski...NEW Secretary

Stacie and her family are past Thunderbirds...Luke is a senior at Dakota, Noah a sophomore at Macomb, planning to attend Oakland University in the fall and her loving husband Mark, continues his work at Michelin, tires that is.

Welcome back Ms. Stacie!!!

Ms. Patti...Health Aide Extraordinaire

Ms. Patti has been our faithful health aide for 7+ years and a CVS employee for 20 years. Ms. Patti has handed out countless band-aides, tooth necklaces, ice bags, hugs, temperature checks, etc., etc. She was the mastermind behind Sequoyah's ER and performed triage to MANY students, staff, and parents too. Ms. Patti's last day was just before Thanksgiving break, so she was unable to say goodbye. Ms. Patti and her wonderful husband Dave have moved to Beaverton, MI for some peace, outdoor fun, and take care of family.

We love you and will miss you Ms. Patti!!!

Mrs. Cross...Reading Corner & Singing Lady

Mrs. Cross has loyally served the CVS community since 1988, as a lunch monitor, office clerk, and media clerk. She has been a Thunderbird for the past 10+ years as our stupendous and sensational "Library/Singing Lady". Mrs. Cross has helped with countless initiatives for Sequoyah, such as, reading month, book fair, all things book czar, webmaster, interior decorator, painter, School Messenger, technology terror, stage manager, seamstress, counselor, prayer leader, laminating queen, bus brigade, assistant principal, and administrative assistant, to name a few.

Now it's time to honor and sing to you Mrs. Cross...“I think you’re wonderful, when somebody says that to me. I feel wonderful, as wonderful can be. It makes me wanna say the same thing to somebody new, and by the way, I’ve been meaning to say, I think you’re wonderful too! “

We ALL think you’re wonderful too Mrs. Cross...We love you and will miss you terribly. Our Sequoyah community is better because of YOU!

Our friends last day is Friday, February 26, so we have some time to say goodbye...Hugs and kisses to you Mrs. Cross!!!



Meal Distribution Changes Starting Friday, January 22, 2021
Food Service meal distribution changes will begin on Friday, January 22nd. FREE Breakfast/Lunch is available to ALL Chippewa Valley students.

Weekly food pick up is available on Fridays from 11 AM to 1 PM at the following locations:

Multiple meals for virtual learning days will be distributed at the above locations to all students under age 18. All meals are FREE. Parent/Guardian will be asked to provide student’s name & group letter when picking up meals. Distribution will not take place during holiday breaks.

Free Meal Menu

Home & School Connection

Working together for school success!


January 18

Martin Luther King Day-Teacher Professional Development-NO SCHOOL

January 19

Professional Planning Day-NO SCHOOL

January 20

Students return hybrid-Group A

January 25

Childcare begins

CVVA materials pick-up only (10AM-3PM...bus loop area under awning)

January 25 & 26

Progress reports

February 10 & 11

Valentine's Day celebrations-NO cards/candy from home but class fun is planned!

February 12

Students attend in the AM only...Mid-Winter break begins after student dismissal @ 11:55am

February 22

Classes Resume

PTO Meeting

Coming soon...


Group A: Monday and Wednesday

Group B: Tuesday and Thursday

Groups A and B: Fridays...Virtual teaching for ALL by teachers

Family Guides: Supporting Learning in 2020-21

Seek Common Ground and Student Achievement Partners created Family Guides to help anyone supporting a child's learning in the 2020 - 2021 school year. Learn more about what children should know and be able to do in math and literacy. In addition, how to reinforce learning with everyday activities, tips for talking to teachers, and online resources.

Click on the 'Family Guides' for each grade level.