Romare Bearden


Romare Bearden was a famous, light-skinned African American artist, with curly blond hair. He was born on September 2, 1911. He died in 1988 as a 76 year old. Everyone loved the Beardens. Romare would come home to find Duke Ellington sitting in his living room (that really happened-a few times).Romare painted, and made collages of bold, bright, happy things.

Early Life and Later Life

  • Romare’s nickname was Romie.

  • He spent most of his time at his Great Grandparents’ house.

  • He was named Fred Romare Howard Bearden.

  • He visited a lot of Native American lands.

  • He was a light-skinned African American with curly blond hair.

  • He didn’t have siblings.

  • His Great Grandparents were born into slavery (he was born around the time slavery was ending).

  • He was born in Charlotte, North Carolina in September, 1911.

  • His dad spent a night in jail for saying he was from “Up North”.

  • He and his wife, Nanette met at a party-it was kind of love at 1st sight.

  • He and Nanette built a small house with a studio for Romare’s art.

  • He dropped the name Fred so his name was Romare Howard Bearden.

  • He never had kids, though his pets were kind of like his kids.

  • He got the National Medal of Arts presented to him by President Ronald Reagan, himself.

Style and Medium

  • Romare’s style was very bold and colorful and definitely abstract.

  • For collages he would use cloths, pieces of African masks, catalogs, magazine cut outs, and sometimes, thin strips of wood.

  • Gouache and watercolor were usually what he used for his paintings.

  • He also used a lot of oil paint.

  • He also used felt and wallpaper on his collages.