Event Contingency Plan

Plan B

1. Develop the contingency planning policy statement.

Formal policy statement that provides authority and guidance to develop an effective plan.

2. Conduct a business impact analysis

Identify information systems and components critical to the organization’s mission/business functions.

3. Identify preventive controls

When you reduce the effects of system disruptions, it can increase system availability and reduce contingency plan costs.

4. Create contingency strategies

Recovery strategies ensure that the system will be recovered quickly and effectively after an issue.

5. Develop an information system contingency plan

Procedures restoring a damaged system unique to the system’s security impact level and recovery requirements.

6. Ensure plan testing, training, and exercises

Testing, training, and exercises are needed to improve plan effectiveness and overall organization success.

7. Ensure plan maintenance

Keep a plan documented and updated to keep a current update of fixes and changes.