Pirates Info

What are pirates?

Pirates are people that have lost something and choose to take the law into there own hands and make justice by robbing ships to gain money.

Where are they?

The pirates are mostly in Asia and the west African coast and they have never fired upon any ship.
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Where is it an issue? How has this changed overtime?

Pirates is mostly an issue in Asia and East Africa. The overall cost of Somali piracy is down 50% from 2012. The international community spent an estimated $139.1 million to deter each attack that took place in 2013.

Why is it still an issue today?

This is still an issue today because of poverty and starvation, so they choose piracy so they try to stay alive.

How can this issue be managed?

This issue can be managed by making a better legal system over in Somalia rather than just put them in jail for a year and then let them out again to do the same thing again.