ACE Orientations

The new semester is right around the corner!

We will provide a light breakfast and lunch both days.

What to bring:

  • Notebook, iPad, or lightweight laptop for taking notes. If you have a laptop, please bring it at least on the second day. We will need to have some in the room for an activity.
  • Water bottles: We will have coffee and tea (and later tea and lemonade.) If you have special things you like to drink, including water, please bring these. We will have access to water for refilling your water bottle, though.
  • Dress comfortably (but not sweats) Thursday. We’ll be taking a walk if the weather is nice, so be sure and wear walking shoes.
  • Dress a little nicer on Friday. We’ll be lunching with faculty and IU Administration, so you’ll want to dress a little nicer that day.
  • Don’t bring a lot of stuff. We’ll be changing locations on the first day, and in the meantime, taking that walk I mention above. You don’t want to have to drag a bunch of stuff all over town!

Day 1: La Casa (IU Latino Cultural Center)

Thursday, Aug. 22nd 2013 at 8:30am-4pm

715 East 7th Street

Bloomington, IN

Day Two: Bloomington City Hall (Showers Building)

Friday, Aug. 23rd 2013 at 8:30am-4:15pm

401 North Morton Street

Bloomington, IN

Freshmen, please have these things done before you arrive:

Bit of research ahead of time about your agency:

  • History of your agency: How/when did it start?
  • Who is your community partner, and what do they do at the agency?
  • Basic history of the agency
  • What service-learning classes have they worked with in the past, if any?

Also, please make sure you have:

You can use your IU login to use, which you can search for from offers tutorials on these and many more.

  • Basic competency in MS word
  • Basic competency in powerpoint
  • Basic competency with email (IU uses gmail and hotmail.)
  • Create an online calendar, learn how to use it, including alerts (gmail calendars are great!) This will help you keep track of everything you need to do next year.