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Keeping the Crew up to Date! Volume 2 Issue 5 - 9/18/22

Greetings Clipper Nation!

Our staff and students had another great week here at JMB.

Don't forget that picture day is Monday! You can order pictures online. Picture ID - EVTTXWK43

We are aware that our Homecoming Game and Dance are on the same dates as non-school event in a neighboring county. We also understand that this may cause a conflict for students who want to attend both. After working with the SGA and a few other student groups to review additional dates we will be keeping our Homecoming Dance on October 1st. The additional dates that were reviewed would have conflicted with other school functions and beyond the October date it could have conflicted with students involved in any paly-off situation or competitions.

With that being said our SGA is happy to announce our 2022 Homecoming Celebration from September 26th thru October 1st. The theme for the week is Neon 80s.

SGA is still finalizing the school spirit days. Once finalized they will post the themes for each day of that week.

Outstanding Clippers will be recognized for Homecoming. These outstanding Clippers will be chosen by their classmates for being good representatives of the Clipper Way. Meaning they model Respect, Responsibility and come to school Ready to Learn. Students in each class will nominate one of their classmates to represent them for the 2022-2023 Homecoming. Nominations for all classes will open Thursday, September 22nd in “Class Of” Google Classroom and close Tuesday, September 27th at 3 pm. The Homecoming Court will be recognized and Homecoming King and Queen announced at Halftime during the Homecoming game.

The Homecoming Dance will be held on Saturday October 1st from 8:00pm – 10:00pm at JMB. (See Dance Criteria Below) The night will feature music from the 80s and today. There will be drinks and light snacks included, along with table games and sports. Upperclassmen will be able to request tickets on Thursday September 22nd in their Google Classrooms, and underclassmen will be able to request tickets on Friday September 23rd. A maximum of 600 tickets will be sold, so students desiring tickets should request as soon as tickets open. Each JMB student will be able to bring an outside guest. The guest will need to complete the Guest Dance Form.

To purchase a dance ticket a link will be provided to students to request a ticket. After placing a ticket request, students will receive their ticket numbers in their student email. This ticket number along with payment in cash or check, and the completed guest dance form must be placed in an envelope and deposited in drop box in the front office. Tickets will then be distributed during Flex classes on Thursday September 29th. Students who do not have a flex class at JMB can pick tickets up from the main office beginning at lunch on Thursday September 29th.

Please update and return the Student Data sheets so we can reach out if needed - Back to information:

Principal Savage

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Parking Permits

Starting this week Juniors and Seniors can purchase their parking passes in the main office. They will have two weeks to get their permits which are $15. All students parking at JMB should have their parking permit displayed not later than the 30th.
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Handle with Care

If your family is experiencing difficulties at home, we would like to provide additional support at school. We understand that you are not always able to share details and that’s okay. If your child is coming to school after a difficult night, morning or weekend, please email one of our social workers; Laura Bradford at, or Jannia Mitchell at Please put “Handle with Care” in the subject line and your child’s name in the message. Nothing else will be said or asked. This will let us know that your child may need extra time, patience or help during the day.

As part of the Clipper Nation, our school is committed to giving back to the community. One of the ways we are giving back is through our Food and Clothing pantry. If you ever find yourself in need, please reach out to us. Information about our pantry and how it reach out is highlighted below. #ClipperNation

If your family is need of additional food, we are here to help. We have a food pantry right here in JMB. Simply scan the QR code on this document and fill out the attached form. A staff member will be in contact as soon as possible to assist you.

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Weekly Bulleting

Monday, September 19th

School Picture Day - Picture Day ID: EVTTXWK43 to order online
Mc Daniel College Rep (Office Conference Room) *Sign Up in Naviance
Drama Auditions begin (AUD) 3-5pm
Step Team Interest Meeting (E222) 3-4pm
V Field Hockey vs. St. Michael’s (Away) dismiss 12:45
JV and V Volleyball vs Stephen Decatur (Away) 4 dismiss 2:15pm
Girls Soccer vs North Caroline (Home) 4pm

Tuesday, September 20th

Drama Auditions begin (AUD) 3-5pm
Golf @ Glen Riddle 3:30pm dismiss 12:45pm
Unified Tennis (Home) 3:30pm
JV and V Boys Soccer vs. North Caroline (Away) 4pm dismiss 1:45pm

Wednesday, September 21st

Drama Auditions begin (AUD) 3-5pm

Senior Class Parent Meeting (Zoom) see email and google classroom for the link
Cross Country @ City Park 4pm dismiss 2:15pm
JV and V Volleyball vs. North Dorchester (Away) 4pm dismiss 2pm
Girls Soccer vs. Crisfield (Away) 6pm

Thursday, September 22nd

Unified Tennis vs. Mardela (Home) 3:30pm
JV Football vs North Caroline (Home) 4pm
JV Golf @ Great Hope 3:30pm dismiss 1pm

Friday, September 23rd

V Football vs North Caroline (Away) 6pm
V Boys Soccer vs, Washington (Away) 6pm.

Saturday, September 24th

Upcoming Dates to Keep in Mind

September 30th

Senior Sunrise Event
Homecoming Football Game

October 1st
Homecoming Dance

Special Reminders

Firearms and Weapons

Possession of any firearm, other weapon, or look-like weapons (e.g., pellet guns, BB guns, water guns, water pellet guns) by a student on school property, including in vehicles parked on school property, is strictly forbidden.

The school system’s prohibition on carrying or possessing a weapon on school property applies to loaded and unloaded weapons. This prohibition applies to weapons contained within automobiles.

It is a serious offense for students to possess any rifle, gun, knife, or deadly weapon of any kind on any school property in Maryland. Offenders face criminal penalties and severe consequences up to and including expulsion. The Code of Conduct will be applied in all situations involving violations.

Cell Phones and Social Media

Students may not use their cell phone during class without teacher permission. Phones shall be turned off during class time unless the student is given specific permission to use it by the teacher of the class of which it is being used.

Restrictions on cell phone usage: Students are prohibited from using their cell phone to cheat or plagiarize, to bully or haze others, to disrupt the learning environment, the view pornographic, vulgar, or inappropriate content, to post derogatory content on social media sites, to make video recordings at school, without teacher permission or school authorization; or take unsolicited or unwelcome photographs of students, staff, or facilities.

Students who inappropriately use their cell phone at school will be subject to discipline as stipulated in the Student Code of Conduct. Additionally, students may lose their privilege of using their cell phone at school for a length of time to be determined by the school administrators.


Just a reminder that parents can excuse up 5 days absences for the year. Beyond those days 5 days documentation for doctors, etc. need to be provided.

Please check your email and spam folder for emails from us about attendance.

Forms and Notices Page

We’d like to make sure everyone knows how to find the Forms & Notices page on the school system’s website. This is where important documents and links can be found throughout the year. We encourage all of our parents and guardians to review the posted links and documents, most of which are available in English, Spanish and Haitian Creole. A link to the page is provided in the email version of this message, but you can also get there by going to and clicking on the Forms & Notices button on the home page. Please write to if you have any questions.

Guidance & Administration

In order to better assist our families we are pairing up our guidance counselors and administration for the 2022-2023 school year.

9th grade

Kathy Klaverweiden & Sarah Harmon &

10th –12th grade (A-D)

Krista Baker & Greg Lasinski &

10th-12th grade (E-J)

Jelisa Payton & Devin Smith &

10th-12th grade (K-Q)

Jesse Serig & Alison Dunn &

10th-12th grade (R-Z )

Lydia Rosa & Brent Lewis &

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How to Stay in the Know?

The best way to stay in the know is to make sure we have accurate information on file. Please look over all the information on the Student Personal Data and Enrollment Information Form as this is the information we currently have on file for you. Make any corrections to the form in blue. If you need additional space for emergency contact use a separate sheet of paper. Sign the back of the form and return it to the school. If you prefer to fill out a new form you can find a copy on our website.

Other ways to stay connected:



Guidance Facebook:

JMB Sports Facebook:



Instagram: (future)

School # 410-677-5141

Dress Code

JMB Family Food Pantry