E News from Room 172

November 2015

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins

Last month we studied the life cycle of the pumpkin. We read books, colored pictures of the life cycle, and watched videos, but there is nothing like seeing a real pumpkin. Having grown four pumpkins in my own backyard, I decided to dig up the roots and gather the vines along with two pumpkins and bring them to school. The students had so much fun touching, smelling, and feeling the pumpkins. The one pumpkin was already starting to decompose and the other had not fully grown. I don't think they will ever forget the smell of the decomposing pumpkin. We even measured the vines, tendrils, and leaves. It took 16 students to measure the length of the vine with students. That same week I came across a jar of Pumpkin Butter at the store. I could not resist purchasing it so the students could try it. Well, some liked it and some did not. You can probably tell who did and who did not from the pictures.


The students have continued to learn and improve their technology skills. We have visited the computer lab almost everyday and the Media Center at least once a week. We have learned everything from the simple task of holding down the shift key and pressing on a letter to create a capital letter or holding down the shift key and pressing the number two to create an @ sign or the #. Please give your child any opportunity to use computers or explain the different ways to use a keyboard. There are days in the computer lab when I am helping students for almost 30 minutes to get them all logged in. If each child could log in independently, we would be able to complete many different projects. All of their log in information is in the front of their planners. Please also help them practice logging into their Google Drive. It is the same as their log in information with @ccsk12.net.

It is amazing what our students can accomplish when we ask them to problem solve, be independent, and be a leader.

Social Studies

Students and I have been reading books about Thanksgiving, Native People, and the Pilgrims. We have continued to connect all books to maps, directions, and locations of countries and continents.

I even shared some chocolate that my husband has brought back from his recent trip to Germany.


Students have continued to work on double digit addition with regrouping and we will be learning addition of three digits with regrouping soon. Please continue to support your child with practicing addition facts, odd and even, and begin practicing simple subtraction problems.