Ms. McSorley's News

May 2 - 6

Important Dates & Friendly Reminders

Thursday, May 5: PTO Meeting, 6:30 PM

Tuesday, May 31: Track & Field Day; Please return the purple permission slip as soon as possible!

Wednesday, June 1: Field Trip to the Como Zoo


We will be starting a new theme this week, Home Sweet Habitat. Our reading strategy this week will be Rereading Text. We will practice rereading difficult or puzzling passages to help us better understand what we're reading. We will continue to work on identifying adjectives.

Our spelling words will have st and sk blends. They are as follows:

  1. star
  2. storm
  3. still
  4. skirt
  5. sky
  6. another
  7. easy
  8. tasty
  9. skater
  10. +1 personal word to be decided as a class on Monday morning

In Writer's Workshop, we continue to practice using conventions in our everyday writing. This includes capital letters at the beginning of a sentence, punctuation at the end of a sentence, and using finger spaces between words. We will also be looking at the different ways authors present their books -- from font choice to word and picture arrangements.


We will be wrapping our subtraction unit this week. After learning the strategy of drawing a picture to help solve a problem, we will take our test.

Our next topic will be Data & Graphs. We will start our topic out with using data from real graphs, picture graphs, and bar graphs. We will ask and answer basic questions about the data found in our graphs.


This week, we will reflect on what we have learned about the pollination systems in order to design our hand pollinators. Students will be given different types of "flowers" to pollinate with their hand pollinators.

As Murphy's Law would have it, all of our butterflies emerged before the students came on Monday morning. While the weather last week was not the best for releasing butterflies, we knew it was time to set them free. They were such a fun addition to our classroom!