By Tavis Bess


Yes Because am a good at working with others as a team am someone how have a good since of humor and like to make people laugh and like to see people happy. I leaner best with a hand on learner than to be reading a book.

MY Sentences

A person that has a great team why we can win.

The type of person how know how to have a good time is a person like.

The person who can blend in a with the crowd and someone who is accepted by everyone.

Career Path

The careers mostly chosen by ESFP are nursing, human resources teaching, accountancy, sales, medical.

Learning Styles

Communication and there fore learning, is change. A student interest and ways of learning directly affect how he or she takes in information.

Common Traits

Some loves to talk, some loves to have fun, and they are almost always entertaining and always make people laugh.

Famous People

Gracie Allen

Dale Evans

Steven Irwin

Bob Hope