AT Update

September 4, 2015

AT Math 3

This week, students have been working to:

-Add multidigit numbers.

-Use mental math and estimation to solve problems.

-Subtract multidigit whole numbers.

-Use addition as the inverse to subtraction.

-Ungroup numbers of any size to subtract using a variety of methods.

While this portion of the chapter has been a review for students, they have also learned some important vocabulary words such as inverse operation, ungroup, and proof. Students are continuing to work on precision instead of racing through work.

Please review your child's Friday Folder with them (particularly the quick quizzes) and send the folder back to school on Monday. Our test on Chapter 1 will be next week Thursday/Friday.

AT Math 4

This week, students have been working to:

-Subtract fractions with unlike denominators.

-Add and subtract mixed numbers with unlike denominators.

-Estimate addition and subtraction sentences with fractions and use benchmark fractions to determine if their answer is reasonable.

-Analyze work for errors and/or accuracy.

-Work with precision.

We are almost finished with this chapter and our test will be next week Thursday/Friday. Please remember that students can always complete work on TenMarks as a review of concepts presented in the chapter.

AT Reading 3 and 4

AT Reading 3: Students read the biography, My Brother Martin as our main selection this week. They discussed the essential question: What might lead a person to try to change the world? Our target skill was Author's Purpose and working on monitoring/clarifying as we read.

AT Reading 4: We read a play called "A Royal Mystery" as our main story this week. Students worked to identify the theme of the story using evidence. We worked on questioning as we read this week as well.

Grammar: Both grade levels worked on identifying the 4 kinds of sentences: Exclamatory, Declarative, Interrogative, and Imperative.

Writing: We are working on writing a fictional narrative short story this week. Students worked on a graphic organizer with the focus in third grade being order of events and fourth grade on keeping the descriptive details in the story.

Vocabulary: Test will be on TUESDAY next week due to the Labor Day holiday!

3: injustice, numerous, segregation, nourishing, captured, dream, encounters, preferred, recall, example

4: discomfort, primitive, interior, honored, secretive, immersed, bungled, contagious, brandishing, imprinted.

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3rd grade success logging in to TenMarks!