Katrina Glover

Nature of work

  • Give shots.
  • Check Vitals.
  • I'd work in an a office.
  • I'd have to assist in surgery sometimes.
  • The job involves a lot of paper work and documentation.
  • I have to be an effective communicator with patients, nurses, doctors, and family members.


  • You need a bachelors degree in nursing.
  • All nurses must pass a national license exam.
  • To be a nurse you need to take English, Mathematics, Biology, Physical Sciences, Social Studies-Geography, Creative Arts, Keyboarding, Health, and Physical Education.
  • All nurses have to pass their internship program.

Personal Impression

  • I could help people get healthy.
  • I could help family's and kids.
  • I could make sure everyone is alright, and not depressed.


  • You can make up to about $69,000 a year.
  • You can make about $33.23 a hour.
  • In Michigan you can make about $11.45 a hour.
  • For a year in Michigan you can make about $76.90.
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