Are you bias towards homelessness?

What do Homelessness means?

In Western-Merriam dictionary says that is "Someone having no home or permanent place of residence. In my opinion is not only about not having a place to stay, is about
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What the majority thinks about homeless people?

Most people thinks that homeless people are gross and drug addicts. They sometimes think that they chose to be like that. Yes, some people do but many become like that because they lost their job, have a metal illness, they got divorce, a long term illness, abuse, family problems, and even drug additions.

How do the homeless people survive?

People survive by:

  • Asking for money
  • They sometimes find shelter
  • They might steal food
  • Building a shelter with anything they can find
  • Asking for help

Service learning expiernce

I went and teach a class about homelessness.

Some of there answers