Computer Engineering

A digital discipline

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What are computer engineers?

Computer engineers are people who work with computers, to improve and make them help us everyday. They work to try to boost the power of hardware, to be able to be capable of more, and to be easier to use. They analyze computer oriented problems and choose what solution is best, not what they know. It can range from reworking the computer itself or replacing the software.

What fields do computer engineers work in? What kind of careers do they get?

Computer engineers can work in many fields such as

  • Cyber security
  • Networking
  • Design Automation
  • Machine Intelligence
  • Computer Software
  • Bio medical
  • Embedded systems

Computer engineers usually have one of the highest starting salaries in engineering, and they have the choice of either working with hardware, software, or even both at the same time. Most industries that hire Computer engineers usually involve financial services, computer manufacturers, defense contractors, transportation, manufacturing, and more.

How much do Computer engineers earn?

The average salary is around $106,930

It ranges from $64,620 to $154,810

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