4th Grade News 9/28/15

Mrs. Curtright & Mrs. Foster

Important Information

Donations Needed: If you have any board games that you are no longer using at home, we are looking for donations for our indoor recess games!

Congrats! Mason D. was selected as K-Kids Vice-President and Meghan was selected as Photographer! Way to go K-Kids!

October 8th-K-Kids Meeting

October 13th-Last day of the 9 weeks

October 14th-4H Comes to Stagecoach

Please make sure you have filled out and returned the forms we sent home about 4H. We are looking forward to our day at Stagecoach with the 4H staff! Permission Slips and first installment of $25 due October 1st.

October 15th-Fall Pictures

October 16th-Cabot Homecoming

We will have early dismissal at 2:15.

Math, Science, and Social Studies

Math- We worked very hard last week on multi-digit subtraction. Most students remember it very well from last year. We have added subtracting across zeros which has caused some to struggle. You can see some of your child's work coming home on Monday that we did last week. This week we will continue working on multi-digit subtraction and solving 2-step word problems.

This week we will begin working on the 4 facts. Students will cut out their fact cards on Monday for them to use at home. I also sent home a packet of "Knock It Off" game boards and spinner last week for all the facts we will study this year. Students will have homework to study at least 15 minutes per night. These games will be a great way to spend their time studying. All students will have an accuracy check over the 4 facts on Friday.

Social Studies-We had a great time this week on our Stagecoach Teacher Hunt! We also spent time on Friday using absolute location to locate student homes in Cabot for those who volunteered. It was a lot of fun! This week we will create a physical map of Arkansas and label different lakes, rivers, and historical places around our state. We will end the week working on a similar project for the 5 regions of the United States.

Reading, Writing, Vocab and Word Study

Word Study--Students are bringing home new words today. We will meet tomorrow to make sure all students understand the sort and learning points for the week. All students will have a test on Friday!

Reading--We will continue reading The Trumpet of the Swan in class this week. We will move our focus from character traits to the parts of a story. We will be creating story maps to go with the book, as well as working in our reading groups to create story maps of guided reading chapter books. We will have daily time for reading and responding to our reading, and we will focus on updating our reading logs this week and doing fluency checks.

Vocabulary--We will focus on new vocabulary words: catastrophe, immense, defective, and convenient. These come from The TRumpet of the Swan. We will work this week on writing sentences, creating drawings, and playing games with our words.

Writing--We will draft our personal narratives this week and work on using transition words and phrases in our writings. We will also have time for free writing daily.

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