Wind Energy

The future energy -Selah Henderson

Wind energy is the best and cheapest renewable energy source.

Best things about Wind Energy

Choose Wind For Your Home

Not only does Wind energy have no pollution unlike coal(Valentina)But is almost just as cheap.Also,the largest turbines can power over 600 homes.

Wind Energy, The best energy in the world!!😺

Wind energy powers over 10 million American Homes,and 30% of the world's power.The only danger of wind energy is losing it!More birds die from pollution without wind energy,than the blades of Wind Energy.
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A dying Bird

This is a dying bird who has suffered from petroleum,coal,and other polluted items.RIP: An innocent pelican who may never return home

Vote for WindπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

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In Conclusion:

Wind energy is the future energy for Earth and is our hope for our children!