Saudi Arabia's Propaganda

How does Saudi Arabia control their people using propaganda?

Provoking fear

In the picture it shows a man titled "Barbaric Death Cult" and the other shows another man with the title "Friend and Ally" , and judging by the picture it seems like it's trying to provoke fear into the reader meaning what the picture is saying is," Join us we will be your friend and ally and if you don't join you will face the consequences."

Bandwagon and Name Calling

In this picture it shows an uproar of people saying "Our religion is peaceful and we'll kill anyone who says otherwise!!!", or "Death to the pope!" what the picture is using is bandwagon, how it's using bandwagon is that they are pretty much saying, "Our religion is better." and name calling would also be an example because they are trying to provoke fear into the viewer and name calling is also links to a person (the viewers), idea(that their religion is peaceful), and a negative symbol ( Death to the pope, we'll kill anyone who says otherwise).

Our point of view

From our point of view this seems similar to animal farm, like for Barbaric Death Cult, Friend and Ally is like how it was when Napoleon took over, he would kill anyone who was not with him, or for the "Ours is a peaceful religion and we'll kill anyone who says otherwise!", is how Napoleon was, he thought his rule would be better for than the animals than when Snowball was in control and again if you weren't with Napoleon he would kill the other animals that weren't with him