Fight for the Valley

Established 1765 By- Ellie Becker and Ethan Davis

Tensions Increase Between the Two Sides

France and Britain are trading with the Natives. French people are angry because the colonists are moving into their territory. The Appalachian Mountains have always separated French Territory and The 13 colonies, but suddenly Britain decided they wanted more land but France was in their way. France tries to build fences to protect their land. The French and British gave the Natives weapons to help fight for their side.Spanish and some Natives have joined France to fight against Britain and its colonies.The effects of the war is Spanish lost Florida,so France gave Spain New Orleans. Colonists get mad at Britain because they banned settlement west of the Appalachian mountains. They do this because they promised the Natives they could have land if they won the war. One quote given by British general Edward Braddock to Benjamin Franklin was " The path to glory lead but to the grave." Another quote was from Lord Egremont to King George lll was " It is truly a miserable thing that we no sooner leave fighting our neighbors, the French, but we must fall quarreling among ourselves.

What We Think

We think the British treated the French unfairly. We think this because the British went into the French territory. We also think it's fair that the Natives received land. We think this is fair because they helped fight for Britain. We think that the French did the right thing by giving Spain Louisiana. So we think it is Britain's fault because they wanted more land and started the French and Indian War.